Does It Make Sense To Buy A Hybrid This Year? Absolutely! Here’s Why

Does It Make Sense To Buy A Hybrid This Year? Absolutely! Here’s Why
20 Jan 2016

Let’s face it; there are all kinds of vehicles you can buy nowadays. Some get powered by petrol engines, others by diesel units. And then you’ve got alternative energy cars, such as EVs (electric vehicles). One “alternative” option, in particular, is gathering pace in the automotive industry. I am, of course, talking about hybrid cars.

“What’s one of those?” I hear you ask. In a nutshell, a hybrid is a car with a petrol or diesel engine. The difference is it also has an electric motor and battery pack. For certain types of driving, the car gets powered by electricity alone. Examples include short, local journeys.

When the batteries are running low on power, the combustion engine takes over. There is no delay or issue to switching over, and so the driver continues their journey as normal.

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2016 is the year that many of us will upgrade to different cars. If that’s what you’re going to do soon, here’s why you need to consider getting a hybrid:

There’s plenty of choice on the market

Once upon a time, only a handful of cars on the market offered hybrid options. Today, there are scores of them available! Almost every car brand you can think of offers a hybrid model. For instance, take Porsche. You can get a hybrid Panamera if you wish!

Because of the choice available, one can choose the right hybrid vehicle for their needs. That means you aren’t just limited to cars like the Toyota Prius, for example.

You can pick up a used hybrid for less

Some of you reading this blog post might be thinking they have to spend money getting a brand new hybrid. The truth is; you have a wealth of choices available on the used car market.

The Car Deal Warehouse is one such example of a dealer that sells hybrids. In fact, just search online and almost all dealers local to you will have one for sale. Hybrids are getting popular these days, especially with those that want a greener car.

Your total cost of ownership will be lower

When you buy a car, you shouldn’t just look at the price tag. You also need to consider what we call the total cost of ownership. In layman’s terms, you need to account for the cost of servicing and repairs during the lifetime of the car.

Despite what some naysayers may think, hybrids are cheaper to own and run than standard cars. For a start, road tax and fuel costs will be lower. And, because of the lower wear and tear on the engine, repairs will be infrequent and cheaper.

You will lower your carbon footprint

Last, but not least, consider the following facts. Each year, the world’s population rises. And with those increases, there will be more people driving cars on the road.

The amount of carbon emissions will rise from all major cities around the world. Driving a hybrid will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s likely many of your car journeys will be local. Running on electric power for those trips means zero emissions!


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