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The Best Value for Money Used 4×4 Vehicles

L359_13_EXT_DET05_10.1Today’s top 4×4 vehicles tick a variety of boxes. They can be ideal family cars, thanks to high safety ratings and plenty of backseat space. At the same time, they are well-suited to outdoor adventure and off-roading, yet provide additional traction and manoeuvrability when the weather is looking harsh and icy. In addition to these practical benefits, the best 4×4 cars are also loaded up with creature comforts and high-tech gadgets.

Yet they often come at a premium price. Buying a used 4×4 is a great way to get all of these amenities at a lower cost, and offers a wide range of choices. Three years is an ideal age for a used car, because at this point the steepest drop in value has already occurred yet many vehicles will still offer fairly up-to-date features. The following are a few of the top choices for used 4×4 vehicles, for those in the market for a used car.

  1. Toyota RAV4

    After three years of ownership, a Toyota RAV4 will still retain 55% of its value, due to its enduring popularity. It offers all of the comfort that a normal car would, along with extra space and 4×4 capabilities. This makes it an appealing and well-rounded option for a variety of different needs, from commuting to off-roading.

  2. Kia Sportage

    Another perennial favourite is the Kia Sportage, which is a stylish choice for families and urban professionals alike. It doesn’t have the rugged off-roading capability of some other options on this list, but it offers no shortage of space while still managing to be compact enough to handle well on city streets. The 2011 model offers an impressive 54 mpg fuel economy, which helps save money on running costs.

  3. Land Rover Freelander

    If you’re in need of a real off-roader, it’s hard to beat the value of a used Land Rover Freelander. This classic 4×4 can handle rugged tracks, sand dunes, and steep mountainous inclines with ease. Yet at the same time it can also take you down the motorway in style, with a smooth ride and plenty of luxury kit on the interior. If you compare 4×4 prices at listings sites like, you’ll see that the Freelander holds its value well over time yet can be picked up after three years at a relative bargain. It’s also environmentally friendly in comparison to other SUVs, emitting only 165g/km of CO2 when put into four-wheel drive mode.

  4. Ford Kuga

    Based on the same platform as the ever-popular Ford Focus, the Kuga is a solid, attractive car that still feels completely modern. With low running costs, low insurance costs, and competitive pricing for used models, the Kuga performs well both off the road and when it comes to your finances. It boasts up-to-date engine technology that keeps it efficient, while the five-door vehicle offers no shortage of interior space.

  5. Nissan X-Trail

    One of the most searched-for cars on used listings sites, the X-Trail retains its value thanks to its interior comfort, powerful engine, and great value. All models come with four wheel drive, although drivers can choose from diesel or petrol engines.

To make the most of your 4×4’s value, it’s best to choose a diesel engine and a smaller engine size. These tend to hold their value better and cost less in terms of fuel. All of these vehicles are top picks if you’re looking for a versatile yet rugged off-roader.

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