The Modern Face of Porsche – Where ‘Green’ is a Go

The Modern Face of Porsche – Where ‘Green’ is a Go
22 Nov 2018


When you hear the name “Porsche,” you probably summon the image of a lively sports car, perhaps on a track or a pristine piece of road, with a singing flat-6 turbo and a driver with a smile on his or her face. You’re not wrong to conjure up that image; Porsche is known for producing high performance vehicles and being a driver’s car. Their vehicles are high-strung, usually turbocharged, exquisitely balanced, and otherwise optimized to get the most out of the driving experience. You may, however, notice that there is one thing that doesn’t usually enter the discussion when the Porsche name is brought up – the environment.Check out the modern face of Porsche.

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Porsche Technology

That isn’t to say that Porsche’s cars aren’t efficient, because they are. In a world where energy lost in transfer (think drive train loss from the engine to the wheels) means a loss in speed, acceleration, and compromised driving feel, Porsche has implemented technology to keep their cars lean and efficient. The problem is that the powerhouses of their cars are still combustion engines, meaning that no matter how much you refine the drive train, tune the engine, and tweak the aerodynamics, the origin of your power is still only 20% efficient. That’s abysmal.

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Hybrid and electric technology, however, have the capability of surpassing the efficiency of even the most advanced internal combustion engines by a large margin. While an internal combustion engine’s maximum theoretical efficiency hovers around 37%, electric engines boast realistic efficiencies well into the 80% and even 90% regions. Not to mention, drive train losses with electric motors are much lower since the motors are often placed directly beside the drive wheels. All this is to say, electric motors are the future of the automotive industry, and it just so happens that Porsche is helping to lead the charge.

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Porsche Environmentally Friendly

Porsche is working on changing their image by investing their R&D in electric vehicles. Not only does this help them appear more environmentally friendly, but it also lets them harness the benefits of the electric motor to create cars like the Porsche 918 Hybrid, one of the fastest production cars ever, and even the Porsche Mission E, a 100% electric sports car. The new face of Porsche is pushing these cars as the future of the company and of the industry, and with the success of the 918 as a ‘hyper car’ and the promise of the Mission E, there’s a good chance they’ll succeed.

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These cars are the future of the industry. They aren’t just incredibly quick, they’re also green. That’s a winning combination and could explain why they were the number one car searched in CA in early 2017, a state that is known for its progressive stance on clean energy and emissions standards.

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So before you write off Porsche’s latest efforts as an attempt to draw in the environmentally friendly share of the automotive market, take a look at their latest innovations. These cars aren’t just an offering to the hybrid buyers, they’re at the forefront in electric innovation, and they’re proving that’s where they belong. For both driving enthusiasts and environmentalists alike, Porsche’s electric innovation is sure to be well received – it truly is better in both worlds.

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