2013 GMC Savana Passenger Van

When you think about GMC as a car manufacturing company, you think of class and elegance. GMC is known for its amazing display of craftsmanship and sheer brilliance when it comes to engine design and power effectiveness. The most important aspect of this company is the amazing deal of hard work and dedication that is put into every vehicle that is created. No wonder it is entitled to the creation of such wonderful cars. The 2014 GMC Savana Passenger Van is no short of splendor and power in the very same way. The 2013 GMC Savana Passenger Van is great for accommodating a large number of people.


The Savana boasts of an impressive exterior body, the car has been magnificently designed to accommodate any type of sports equipment. It has been engineered I such a way that it makes possible all that you thought would not be possible for a mini-van. The Savana has bold looks to complement its efficiency. Sliding doors and a metallic finish on the body make it irresistible to the eyes. It is equipped with halogen composite lighting too.

Engine performance

The GMC stunner leaves no wish unfulfilled when it comes to performance. It has a powerful engine of 280 hp. The engine has a 525 lb-ft of torque. It also has the benefit of all-wheel drive.

GMC Savana Passenger Van 5
GMC Savana Passenger Van

Max. Speed in Specific Seconds

All the engines in this prototype of the vehicle have an amazing six-speed automatic transmission system. It can go from 0 to 60 in ten seconds.


The van is amazingly spacious and can seat almost 15 people at once hence the weight of this sturdy stunner is hefty likewise.

Pricing info

This GMC masterpiece is approximately priced at $42,445 but local charges that are added may cause variations in the final cost. It can be procured through monthly installments in most retail outlets.


The 2014 GMC Savana Passenger Van will most probably be available to the masses in the beginning of 2014.


  • The GMC vehicle is extremely spacious, it will not fail you when it comes to accommodating people or cargo.
  • It has a powerful engine with good fuel efficiency
  • All the models contain cool air conditioning systems and a Comprehensive Driver Information Center
  • This vehicle allows you to go crazy when it comes to the right choice of car gadgets. You can install anything from Bluetooth to a wireless network or an mp3 music system, all work flawlessly
  • The vehicle has amazing steering control, however harsh the geography of your location, the Savana will not fail to impress.
  • The vehicle also has a good fuel efficiency
  • GSM has also evolved an innovative CNG-fueled van of the Savana series.

Some of the rivals

Safety Features

The GMC Savana lives up to all its expectations. It is a powerful vehicle with sleek looks and killer space. It is also one of those vehicles which have fantastic safety features. Every time you drive you are driving with the guarantee of a safe, secure, and stable ride.

  • The Savana is already equipped with airbags at suitable placed
  • The vehicle has an Anti-Lock Brake(ABS) System
  • You are provided with the option of installing an Anti- Theft system
  • There are standard child seat anchors
  • The vehicle has pre-built emergency control methods
  • You also have the luxury of side curtains/airbags
  • Each Savana comes with a standard Stability Control system
  • The car possesses certain features that allow tracking it down in the event of theft.
  • The vehicle is provided with common traction control
  • The facility of Vehicle Alarm is also available.

The Verdict

The GMC Savana is one of those vehicles which come with an entire package of charismatic looks and powerful performance. Not only is this Van suitable for hauling cargo it is also suitable for accommodating large hoards of people. Powerful and efficient in all aspects, The Savana is definitely one to look out for.


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