Peugeot Ion 5 Door 30Car makers all over the world are focusing on electric technology that can allow consumers to save their fuel expenses and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint. Peugeot has now focused on introducing small urban cars that offer better fuel economy and run on electric energy that allows consumers to save more money. The all new 2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door is a compact city car that blends in well with the stylish design and better specifications that can impress many car buyers in the UK. Let’s take a quick look at the top features of the vehicle in the 2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door review below.


While Peugeot has tried to keep the overall cost factor in mind the all new 2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door is definitely a stylish compact car that has better aerodynamic shape to it that curves from the front side.

The front side of the vehicle gets compact design and there is no large black front grille that we usually see on smaller cars. The headlights are well sculpted in the design on the sides along with fog lights that offer better road visibility during poor light conditions. The front fog lights and headlights are standard which is again to keep in mind the cost factor of the car.

The side profile of the car looks decent along with the character lines and alloy wheels that also add to the appearance of the car.


Under the hood, this full electric four passenger car is powered by rear mounted 64 bhp electric car that offers decent performance in the city. The car is capable to offer 93 miles per single battery charge which is something that most electric car buyers will look forward to.

2013 Peugeot Ion 5 Door can offer acceleration of zero to 60 mph in 15.9 seconds offering top speed of 81 mph.

Peugeot has made use of better powertrain technologies that can reduce lag and offer better performance on the road.

Peugeot Ion 5 Door 13


2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door comes with wide range of standard safety features like ABS, traction control, stability control, front passenger airbag, front seat airbags, side curtain airbags, belt pretensioners, isofix, electronic stability program, vehicle immobilizer and central locking system.


The interior is comfortable for four passengers and 2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door offers ample of space for four passengers including the driver. The seats are comfortable and offer better support. There is ample of headroom and leg space available for the rear passengers but tall passengers may find bit inconvenient because of the sloping roof design.

The center console is close to the driver and therefore the driver has the option to handle all the controls in the right way. The driver seat has adjustment options to get better position and front visibility. It also gets climate control and power steering and heated seats for the occupants. The rear seats can be folded for extra cargo space in case more cargo space is required.


2013 Peugeot Ion 5 Door is available in the market for 26,216 GBP.


2013 Peugeot Ion 5 door is definitely one of the best all electric hatchbacks that buyers can find in the UK market that offers better exterior styling and better per battery charge performance. The interiors are comfortable and offer many options to the buyers but there are better cars in the UK market that can offer some competition to this small electric car. While this is a great city car it does not offer better options to drive it outside the city.


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