You will simply love the funky appeal of 2013 scion iQ. The four-seat iQ boasts of the youngest customer base in the industry and expects to woo the trendy city dwellers seeking easy handling and better fuel economy on the road. Scion IQ does manage to do a decent job of striking the right balance between the economy and quality.Well, you may not look like a macho driving in the new scion iQ, but you will still be able to make an impression.

Toyota 2013 Scion iQ – Brief Review

Let us take a look at 2013 scion iQ review, its intelligent and functional design elements plus those innovative technologies.

Exteriors and Interiors

One of the biggest challenges that remain for the smaller cars is how to make those interiors spacious. But surprisingly, 2013 scion iQ is able to achieve this feat with ease and will not give you those claustrophobia attacks. The front passenger seat is farther so as to give the rear passenger more room. Thinner seatbacks make for the extra legroom but are very comfortable.

With an easy-to-read blue lighting scheme, 2013 scion iQ is very simple but attractive. The wheel-mounted audio controls and flat-bottomed steering wheel will feel good in the hands. Control the climate with the help of 3 huge knobs and the navigation is optional. Cargo room is sufficient and there are 11 airbags. Enjoy exterior mirrors and door locks with keyless entry.  Surprisingly, there is plenty of room for the driver and an exceptional legroom for the passengers.

Engine and Performance

Powered by an efficient new 94-hp 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine and Continuously Variable Transmission, 2013 scion iQ will make you feel stable even at freeway speeds. The smooth and steady acceleration is sufficient to add oomph to the drive. Priced at $15,265, there are plenty of features to enjoy in the model such as good cabin materials, one-touch power windows and adding on the doors.

Concluding 2013 scion iQ, this is the right balance between quality and economy.  The bold exterior styling, great gas mileage and city-friendly dimensions is what makes the new scion iQ very appealing to the buyers.

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