Skoda Roomster 300Multi Purpose Vehicles are instant hit across the globe because they offer lot of options and features to the buyers. The all new 2013 Skoda Roomster is a practical and comfortable MPV that allow buyers to get better design, comfort, space and flexibility. Skoda believes that most buyers do not go for multi-purpose vehicles because they don’t get the right kind of package that they need. With 2013 Skoda Roomster Skoda has tried to use different concepts that offer better options to the buyers. Let’s take a quick look at the top features of the vehicle in the 2013 Skoda Roomster review below.


2013 Skoda Roomster offers a different design to the buyers that look out for unique and contemporary MPVs. The design and shape of the car is aerodynamic and that helps during the performance.

The car also gets the regular Skoda front fascia with black waterfall grille and bigger headlights that offer better visibility on the road especially during poor light conditions. The fog lights are also nicely fitted into the front fascia on both sides of the lower grille to increase visibility.

The car also gets better metallic colors to choose from which means that buyers have options to choose different colors. Buyers also have the option to customize the car roof with a black roof to get better appearance. The car is available in 13 different exterior body colors.


Under the hood, 2013 Skoda Roomster is powered by three gasoline and three turbodiesel engines.

The petrol version car gets 1.2 liter three cylinder engine that produces 69 bhp, and two 1.2 liter four cylinder turbo TSI engines that produce 84 bhp and 104 bhp.

The diesel version car gets one 1.4 liter three cylinder engine that produces 74 bhp and two 1.6 liter four cylinder engines that produce 89 bhp and 104 bhp.

While the petrol version performs well, it is the low power TSI engines that offer strong performance and offer acceleration of zero to 60 mph in 12.4 seconds.

Skoda Roomster 17


2013 Skoda Roomster offers the standard safety features like ABS, traction control, stability control along with airbags that offer better protection and safety to the occupants.


The interior of the car is very spacious and comfortable and that is exactly what Skoda is trying to achieve with Roomster. The dashboard is simple and clean and therefore buyers do not have to worry about some new features that have been introduced.

There is enough space for the driver and the front passenger and even for the rear passengers. The rear seats are higher than the front passenger seats and therefore rear passengers can have clear view of the road ahead. The rear seats slide and recline and there is enough headroom and leg space for tall passengers.

The car also offers better cargo space with impressive 530 liters and users can have more space if they want by folding the rear seats which increases the cargo space 1780 liters. The materials used for the interiors is not luxurious but better than average.


2013 Skoda Roomster is available in the market for 11,970 GBP.


2013 Skoda Roomster is practical and offers better handling and offers a new package to the buyers as they have versatility of a van in a regular car. The car has wide range of exterior color options and the same applies for the engine options as well. The interior is spacious and comfortable and therefore it certainly manages to be among the top MPVs in the market.


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