Honda EV-STER 3 1The auto show at Tokyo had seen the introduction of the concept. It was 2011 when the concept regarding the creation of a mini sized sports car was barely put across. What was conceived as a futuristic plan has come to be a part of the reality.


The 2014 Honda EV-STER gears to the concept which was envisaged way back in 2011 during the Tokyo Auto expo. As per the plan chalked out, the idea was to give way to a small sized option exceeding not more than 59.1”in width. The car which has a showy look to flaunt comes without a roof. Some of the versions to be produced would have the provision for a fabricated roof. The bodywork has a sporty aura to offer.
Improvisation upon previous models


To all intents and purpose, Honda looks all set to improvise upon the existing Beat model. Incidentally, the models based on Beat have been doing the round since the initial phase of nineties. The convertible micro car is marked by the presence of a mid-engine. In terms of dimensional measurement, the 2014 Honda EV-STER is supposed to be wider by 4.2” than the former. It is also supposed to introduce a regenerative system of braking.

Specifications and other features

  • Externally the car has a showy look to flaunt but internally, the car is going to come up with a minimalistic look
  • In all probability, lever steering will make way for the conventionally known steering wheel.
  • The twin steering will include the feature a joystick pivot. The joystick is supposed to maneuver the pivot, facilitating its movement back and forth.
  • Steering with its lever based orientation is sure to enhance the driving experience
  • Dash of the car is going to enhance the experience of driving, as well.
  • Driving experience is also to be enhanced by twin displays that are there on both the sides, while the midpoint is marked by the presence of a readout
  • Two wheeled base will be intentionally maintained, as that will add to the feel of lightness.
  • Solar panels are supposed to cover the dashboard. With the use of these panels, Honda is going to give shape to the idea of sustainable mobility.
  • The lightweight vehicle meant for the tech savvy campaigners of the forthcoming generation will also include topnotch features of safety.
  • The sporty car is going to include the option for rechargeable batteries. A charger mechanism of 200 V will be a part of the system.

Speed and acceleration- Acceleration is supposed to come to the figure of 0-60 kilometers in an hour in five seconds.

Likely probabilities

  • As far as the structuring of the power train is concerned, it is still not certain if the mechanism would run on pure electric or make use of gasoline oriented propulsion.
  • To all practical purpose, the car would be electrically maneuvered.
  • Hybridna version of Honda EV-STER is likely to be introduced, as well.
  • Integration of the headlamp with that of the grille also includes the list of probabilities.
  • Introduction of engines with turbo diesel feature is also on the cards

Engine performance and specifications

  • The electrically maneuvered version is going to feature a V6 engine of 3.5 liters.
  • Existence of plus motors of twenty kilo watt is another of its hallmark. The wheels on the hind side will include two of these motors. They are supposed to ensure and adjust the generation of torque.
  • In all probability, the hybrid version is going to be run on V6 engine of 3.5 liters.

Points of advantages

  • As far as fuel economy and mileage are concerned, you can expect 2014- Honda EV- STER to offer one of the best deals
  • Apart from its size which may not be big enough to accommodate more than two passengers, the car with its sporty aero dynamism hardly has a point of disadvantage.

Some of the rivals

  • Currently operational Mazda MX-5
  • NSX Supercar: the vehicle to be made can be touted as one of the successors to NSX Supercar

Dimensional measurement of the car

3570 by 1500 by 1.100 millimeters

Verdict of the market

The auto market looks pretty excited about the forthcoming venture of Honda. Particularly, the market catering to the needs of North America is eagerly looking forward to its release. In all, the package seems to be quite interesting and tempting.
You have reasons to bank on its cost of economy and mileage


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