2014 Volvo V60Last month at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) Volvo unveiled the new V60 estate model to the world. The manufacturer is being shy with the details, however the glimpses and photos of the new model gained at NYIAS show that not much has changed in terms of styling, except the body lines appear sharper and more provocative. Volvo estates have come a long way from the dreary beige boxes of the 1990s; a good thing too as the V60 has become a bestseller worldwide and is hailed as the best looking of Volvo’s vast estate car range.

No confirmed details have been released for the engine range or specs, however the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine and the turbocharged 3.0-liter six engines from the 2013 models are likely candidates as they have been announced for the V60s sister class – the S60. What Volvo has revealed is a bigger range of plug-in hybrid V60s for the next model to keep up with the overwhelming demand for the 150mpg diesel engines; unsurprising as these are the most fuel efficient engines for their class.

Safety and reliability

It would not be a review on a Volvo without mentioning the quality of the reliability and safety of the new models. The V60 has always received five-stars from the Euro NCAP safety tests and their new models are no exception. The V60 has a great reputation for reliability and ruggedness, hence the UK government continually using them as emergency vehicles for the Police and Ambulance services.
Volvo drivers have also commented on their comfort and reliability as excellent and very few components ever break and the cabin is a very comfortable place to be on a long journey but when something does go wrong they speak highly of the reliable car servicing and ordering spare parts for Volvos are not as expensive as other manufacturers. The new V60 seems to tick all the usual boxes that regular Volvo drivers look for in their trusted brand.

There are a few compromises in terms of cabin and boot space as the sleeker design means the rear storage space is 430 litres, which falls short in comparison with the Hyundai i40 Tourer, which offers 553 litres of boot space but overall this sportier model performs well and manages to hold its own against some of its fiercest rivals in the automotive industry.


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