The German auto giant comes with a revitalized new A6 and S6. The car already launched in Down Under with some exterior changes and significant equipment updates. The entry price now stands at $79,900 excluding road costs, but there are plenty to like about this luxurious package. The revised headlines are beautiful, and the new lines on the body of the car just make it looks a lot different compared to the previous model.

Audi really achieved a significantly different look, despite not changing too many things in the car. In addition to the new headlines and strategically moved body lines, the car will also have new LED-based, intelligent headlights, along with a very sophisticated, high-resolution info system that will make any tech lover instantly fall in love with the car’s technical infrastructure. The car will come with four different engines, one petrol and two diesel versions of the A6, and another petrol variation for the S6.


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