NissanGran Turismo is one of the more popular racing simulators alongside that of Forza, Need for Speed and of course EA Sport’s NASCAR. With the 15th Anniversary of the video game quickly approaching, the designers at Nissan were asked to design their own dream car for their very own Gran Turismo “garage”.

So they took up the challenge and went to work. A young creative team from Nissan Design Europe, located in the heart of London, UK were tasked with the challenge, and well they came out swinging! They put together one of the most futuristic, sharp, and stylish looking Nissan models ever imagined. It looks fast, and absolutely amazing.



The team thought it be best to add some futuristic twist, but adding in some stylish references from different Nissan performance models, like the NISMO and GT-R. The design is being called “2020 vision grand turismo”. A vision is indeed right. A visionary masterpiece by the young mind from Nissan.

Source: Team Nissan North


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