4845906891_e9349fd1e5_bRelease dates for brand new cars are an exciting time. For those who have a need for speed, there are going to be some utterly delectable models on the market for 2015. Whether you want supercharged or something family orientated, there are a wide range of brand spanking new cars for you to get your hands on in the coming year.

So, now is the crunch time. Are you waiting for the best model to come out until you invest in a new car? Or, are you happy with your current model but are eagerly anticipating the release of new cars to fulfil your need for speed?

All of the best cars were coming out in 2015. There are some fantastic new models on the market by some of the biggest auto-brands. So, before you invest your coffers, make sure that you know which car is right for you.

Aston Martin Lagonda

When it comes to luxury and style, it doesn’t come much better than the Aston Martin. This is a classic car for the most devoted of petrol heads. Luxury saloons don’t come much better than this. If you want to take something of a trip down memory lane, the Lagonda is the right car for you. It pays homage to the 1976 version. But, this time, it’s fitted with all the mod cons and tech that car lovers have come to expect. It has a carbon fibre body. It has LED lighting system. The best thing about the Lagonda? It has a whopping 5.9 litre engine.

Of course, there are only 100 of these set to be released in the onset of 2015. And, they are only due to be released in the Middle East. But, if you have a spare half a million handy, this car could be yours.


Yahya S

Audi TT Roadster

It seems as though Audi are having a big year in 2015. With more highly anticipated cars than any other manufacturer, little wonder they are going from strength to strength. The Audi TT Roadster is a lot more affordable than its R8 counterpart. Autohouse have stated that this car is one of the most anticipated in its showroom.  It boasts 306 BHP and comes in a 2.0 TDI diesel model or a 2.0 TFSI affair. With a six-speed manual gearbox and 5 cylinders, this car is sure to please anyone who is in love with Audi. At just over £30,000, this is the most affordable option of the three. So, get your chequebook out and head to the showroom now.

Audi R8

No one can deny that Audi knock out a top notch car. When it comes to style, comfort and speed, Audi ticks  all of the boxes. Fans of Audi will not be disappointed with the R8. Set for release mid-2015, this little number comes with everything that you would expect from the car giant. V8 or V10? You choose. There is also an all-electric version for you to sink your teeth into. The R8 is redefining super cars.


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