Driving is a huge responsibility whenever you’re behind the wheel, but when you have child passengers in your vehicle, the responsibility is suddenly heightened. Driving safely is extremely important whether you’re alone, with other adults or with children.

Car Seat Safety

In order to make sure that the children in your car are kept as safe as possible at all times, here are some car Seat Safety tips to remember.

  1. Make sure the car seat is a suitable fit

    As your child grows up, you’ll need to find another car seat that is better fitted. While you might be tempted to rush and move your child into a bigger seat quickly, it’s not always the best option.
    Putting your child in a bigger seat when he is not ready can be extremely dangerous, especially if the straps won’t tighten enough. The same can also be said for seats which are too small since your child will be very uncomfortable travelling with a tight belt around him.

  2. Dress them properly

    This is something which many parents don’t think about when putting their children into the car seat, but it’s very important to think about what you’re going to dress your child in.
    For example, it’s much more comfortable and safe to dress your child lightly and cover him with a blanket instead of wearing a thick coat. This will enable the straps on the car seat to fit much better. Remember that you can put the coat over your child once he is strapped in.

  3. The seat should be compatible with your car

    You can take in all the road safety tips that there are to know, but unless your child has a car seat which is compatible with your vehicle, you could be putting him in serious danger.
    You should always make sure when you buy a car seat that it will be safe to use in your car. If you buy a new car, you either need to find another car which is similar or buy new car seats.
    If the seat isn’t compatible with your car, it will move even when you’ve tightened the seat belt as much as possible, and this is never safe for your child.

  4. Put the buckle in the right place

    It will be very dangerous in the case of an accident if the buckle from the seat belt of the car is in the wrong place. The buckle should never sit on the frame of the car seat, and make sure it’s never over it either.

  5. Always strap your child into the car seat!

    Even if you’re in a rush or just travelling around the corner in the car, you should always strap your child securely into the car seat and remember all these rules.
    Plenty of accidents happen very close to home every year, so don’t think that nothing can happen because you’re driving slowly around your neighbourhood. Stick a sign next to the car seat if it helps you to remember the important


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