It should be no surprise that cars cost a lot of money. That being said, many car owners neglect to make that investment last as long as possible.

Here’s a list of 7 tips that you can use to make your automobile go the distance.


  1. When brand new, take it easy during break-in – For the first 500 miles or so, drive like a “little old lady going to church”. Don’t drive the car above highway speeds or do any serious. During this time, engine and transmission parts are wearing against each other and producing the last small bit of size and shape adjustment. Taking it easy during this time helps your car do this.
  2. Change your oil frequently – Yes, your Dad is correct –change your oil often. Even though oil change intervals are longer than they were years ago, keeping fresh oil in your car will increase your engine’s operating life. This is because engine oil is pumped through all sorts of moving parts inside an automobile engine and keeping it free of dirt and abrasives cuts down on wear.
  3. Keep your tires inflated properly – This one is a no-brainer. Few people keep their car’s tires inflated to manufacturer’s recommended pressures. “I keep forgetting about it” is a common excuse. Well, this is kinda dumb. First, underinflated tires lower your gas mileage because they run hotter and expose more tread to the road. Secondly, because of the heat and flexing, your underinflated tires may last only half of what they might if properly inflated. Conclusion? Once a month, check your tire pressure and save some money!
  4. Touch up paint nicks when they occur – When an accident occurs to your car that penetrates the paint coat, protection from the elements is lost. Water and road salts can now attack the exposed bare metal and begin the fun corrosion (rust) process. Yes, it’s a bother but when a scratch occurs, stop by your local parts store and get a small bottle of touch up paint and give it a dab.
  5. Keep leather conditioned – If you have a vehicle with leather seats then you appreciate the smell and feel of real leather. However, as leather ages it becomes stiff and shrinks. That’s why smart car owners periodically apply leather treatment to their seats with a brand name leather conditioner. This will keep the leather flexible and comfortable for years.
  6. Park in the shade when you can – The ultraviolet rays from the sun are a powerful oxidizer that can damage a car’s paint and the heat will bake interior plastics. Not many people think about this but a quick and easy solution is to park where the sun isn’t directly baking your vehicle! Obviously, this isn’t possible all the time but when you have a chance, it’s worth the extra effort to park it in the shade.
  7. Use floor mats – Most cars have carpeted floors that are destined to get filthy, usually quite quickly. The solution: get floor mats! No, you don’t need to buy the super expensive ones, but get some floor mats that fit your car and will protect your carpets. When it becomes time to sell or trade your car, you will have a far easier time getting it clean for sale.

So, there you go. We have presented 7 tips that can make your car last longer. With a little searching on the net, you will certainly be able to find many other useful tips also. We recommend you consider all these items because they can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Happy Motoring!

Source: Mr. Ed Auto Loans


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