2013 Nissan Pulsar 300The updated Nissan Pulsar has been hotly anticipated in Australia for several years. The Pulsar has gone through many incarnations over the past few decades, including its brief jaunt as the Nissan Tiida.  Unavailable since 2006, the new range for 2013 will include both a sedan and hatchback to provide motorists with an array of options. This updated Pulsar could contend with other popular vehicles like the Mazda 3, to top out as a runaway bestseller in the year to come. To see why, it’s helpful to take a closer look at what makes this car stand out.

Interior Design and Gadgets

One of the first facets of the Nissan Pulsar that make it stand out is its abundance of interior space. This updated model comes with plenty of both headroom and legroom; and would be suitable as a family car with the sedan providing over 500 litres of boot space. Rear seats fold down to provide even more cargo space should it be needed.  Inside the design is clean and practical, with a clear and logical central dashboard. The SSS model comes with perforated leather trim, while more basic models feature soft-touch surfaces and a classy finish.

At the most basic level, all Pulsars come equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, power windows, and cruise control. They also offer a six-speaker stereo system with MP3 capabilities and connectivity for other electronic devices. Drivers who upgrade to the ST-L or SSS models can expect additional features such as rear-view cameras, satellite navigation, dual-zone climate control and full-colour infotainment.

2013 Nissan Pulsar 12

Engine Technology

Although it doesn’t operate at the same level of power as a sports car like the Nissan GTR, the Pulsar boasts a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine which provides plenty of power driving capability. It offers a peak torque of 4800 rpm and can handle steep hills or uneven terrain with ease. Safety equipment includes brake assist, electronic distribution, six airbags, and an anti-lock braking system.

Driving and Handling

The Nissan Pulsar SSS offers the sportiest ride out of the Pulsar range, with sports tuned suspension and a turbocharged engine. However, all models provide a smooth ride and adequate handling even on back roads. On higher quality roads, the Pulsar excels with a quiet hum and excellent steering capability. The tyres offer decent grip for rainy conditions, although there is a bit of body roll in tight corners.

Value for Money

The full Nissan Pulsar line will include both four-door sedans and five-door hatches, creating a range of price points. The most basic hatchback is available for under $19,000, which is an extremely attractive starting price that should garner it a fair bit of attention. Even the highest level SSS hatchback is priced extremely competitively in comparison to its competitors, and the Nissan name always retains a high resale value. Running costs are also reasonable, with the Pulsar hatchback offering 7.7 litres for every 100km.

With its attractive price point, sporty feel, and practical interior, the new Nissan Pulsar line should swiftly become one of Australia’s bestsellers.


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