Many auto owners like to spend hours each week cleaning and caring for their cars. They think of their vehicles as an extension of their families! It’s not unknown for such people to spend thousands on accessories and other improvements. But, one thing that many avid car enthusiasts forget about is their windows.

We rely on them to weatherproof our vehicles and keep out unwanted noise and pollution. We also depend on them to make it easier to drive in adverse weather conditions. And should an accident happen, our car windows help to keep us safe from impact.



Are you guilty of not doing enough to care for your auto’s glass? If so, it’s a good thing that you checked out this blog post today! The following are some handy hints and tips to improve them.

Chips and cracks

Ask any motorist and they’ll tell you of at least one time where a rock chipped or cracked their windshields. according to, many of their clients has faced similar issues. As you drive, the vehicle in front of you is likely to “spray” debris onto your car from the road. The most common thing to hit your auto is rocks.

You might not think it, but even the tiniest of stones and rocks can cause a lot of damage. Especially when they hit your car at a high speed. In those cases, it makes sense for experts like Protech Auto Glass to take care of those problems. It might shock you to find out just how the pros can make glass look new. Even if you think you’d have to pay for new windows!


One of the most common problems with car windows is when they get scratched. Some folks might think they happen as a result of vandalism. But, a high percentage of scratches occur because of what car owners do to their windows!

The obvious example to point out is when the glass gets scraped on a cold winter’s morning. Even a plastic ice scraper can cause severe damage to the glass. So, how can you fix those kinds of problems?




There are many commercial products on the market you can use. If you want to go old-school, you could use something like Jeweler’s Rouge. It comes in the form of a bar (like soap). Although its primary use is to polish out scratches on metal, it works wonders on glass too.

Another option is to use a DA (dual-action) polisher with some polishing compounds. The only downside is there’s a risk you could create a lensing effect. Why? Because if you polish one area for too long, the heat generated will “melt” a layer of glass away!

Some people on YouTube have even had mild success with things like toothpaste. But, it’s not a proven formula for success if I’m honest.

Window Tints

Last, but not least, does your car have tinted windows? If so, are they turning purple? If the answer to both questions is yes, there’s only one solution available. Get them removed and fit new ones in their place!

Tinted windows that look purple and even have scratches on them let your car down.


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