2018 Audi A1

Last year brought us some fantastic motors from a huge range of brands, but as far as 2018 has taken the market, Audi seems to have upped their game massively. The new 2018 Audi A1 supermini has caught a lot of attention since it rolled onto the production line earlier this year, but the real question is what has the A1 got that its rivals just haven’t?

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Granted, our first look at the latest A1 supermini was at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2007, and thanks to Audi’s design studio, the supermini made it through to the production line in 2018 with very few tweaks made to the structure and design. Should the A1 be de-badged, it’d still be noticeable as the Son of Metroproject and the product of Audi – and the signature marks such as LED running lights.

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On the Inside

To your surprise, the A1 supermini feels very much like a conventional supermini. However, while you will find a generous amount of room in the rear seats, which are big enough to accommodate sizeable passengers, you’re likely to find just as much room in many other superminis. The boot, on the other hand, is equally just as pleasant with more than enough room for luggage; a capacity of 270 litres, if you were to fold the seats up.

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Engine and Performance

Capable of reaching 62mph in under 7 seconds, Audi’s new A1 supermini is ahead of competition for sure. Though the car maker had traded down from the 123bhp 1.4 engine featured in the A1’s predecessor, the 94bhp 1.0 TFSI saves you more than a couple of hundred off the buying price and works just as well, too. Also, a carbon dioxide output of 114 grams is an obvious benefit and results in a five percent lower rating, and more importantly, a saving on road tax.


Audi’s A1 supermini rolled onto the production line during the summer of 2018 and ranges from around £18,000 per example. Compared to any of the A1’s siblings, you could buy two or three of the cars and still be guaranteed fantastic value for money, but of course, there are just as many reasons a person wouldn’t want to buy the supermini as there are who would purchase an example.

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As far as it goes, the supermini really is mini, but in terms of cost, Audi has succeeded in offering drivers something just as reliable as any other executive vehicle in its current fleet, just with a significantly lower cost when buying it. Go ahead and buy your own (or maybe two) A1 supermini, and if for whatever reason you disagree with the reputation given, perhaps you could sit around and wait for Audi’s next supermini model? Either way, you’re going for both of those options.


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