Audi A7

Audi‘s A7 might look like the ‘real deal’ and it may have been manufactured to challenge some of the worst roads around, but how does it cope on British roads? Let’s find out before you make any hasty decisions to buy.

Audi A7 Review

Audi A7 –  Overview

The idea of a five-door coupe is a little bit unusual to say the least. However, it’s better not to judge a book by its cover, as they say. Admittedly though, you could argue that Audi has just taken a regular saloon model and gave it the roofline of the average coupe instead. So, if we’re being completely honest, it’s not entirely all that new compared to some of Audi’s other innovative ideas and builds.

Audi A7 – Overview

Audi A7 – What’s it Like on the Inside?

Of course, on the inside there’s plenty of new tech to keep your passengers busy and entertained throughout. Not to mention that to start the engine up or shut it down again, all that is required is the single press of a button, after that you’ll hear little from the engine itself. Featured inside also, is a modern climate control system (which is something we see in all modern cars) that allows you to decide on the perfect internal temperature.

Audi A7 – What’s it Like to Drive?

Unfortunately for Audi lovers, at a low speed the A7 can feel quite jittery but is mitigated a little at speed. Rear passengers won’t have much to complain about either; although the center seat is not exactly suitable for anyone other than a child.

Audi A7 – Engine

Above all else, Audi’s A7 features a nearly unstoppable 3.0-litre V6 2967CC diesel turbocharged engine capable of getting from 0 to 60mph in 5.7seconds and offers an incredible top speed of 155mph. The A7 seems to have carried over some of the positives of its saloon predecessor, in fact, rather than the loud, unsettled engine sound of the average coupe, this one is almost as silent when racing down an isolated country road as it is on a major city route. Even under heavy acceleration, the sound it produces wouldn’t quite fit ‘unpleasant’, put it that way.


Audi A7 – Verdict

The A7 is a very attractive car, especially when compared to the likes of the BMW and Mercedes. For a business class car, this really fits the bill. Audi’s virtual cockpit is a revolutionary bit of tech, it won’t be long until we see every manufacturer attempting their own version. Some used Audi’s also feature this driver’s aid, so if you’re after the latest technology for a reduced cost, why not look at a used car instead?

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