Audi Locus Future Cars – Concept Car

Audi Locus Future Cars – In 2007, Turkish designer Ugur Sahin designed Audi Locus, a concept car. It features a sleek, modern design with a continuous flow of surface shapes from the front end to the back of the car, creating a relaxing, energetic, vibrant, and confident feeling.

Audi Locus, designed by Turkish designer Ugur Sahin in 2007, is a concept car that may never be produced. The main eye-catching feature of Audi Locus, as highlighted by Ugur Sahin, is the continuous flow of surface shapes.

The exotic car Audi Locus has the same front grille as any other Audi and the shape looks somehow similar to Audi TT or Audi R8. Windscreen continues over the top of the supercar and finishes with the air intake system in the rear

Audi Locus – Concept

Ugur Sahin explains that the design’s main characteristics are a continuous flow from the car’s front to its back. The main inspiration came from Nature: “[…] we usually do not realize that everything in nature has its specific curves and flowing lines and it is very rare to spot perfectly straight lines.”

The aim was to implement the design aspect in a car that creates a relaxing, energetic, vibrant, and confident feeling.

In mathematics, “Locus” refers to a collection of points that share a common property, usually forming a continuous figure.


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