With the increasing technology, we are stepping in that time where everything will be done according to science. We already have cars that are running on electricity, but we are still hoping for generating new resources.

Auto Technician vs Auto Mechanic

At this time, new and wonderful changes are happening around in this domain, but today we will talk about the auto technicians who are gaining popularity among the vehicle owners.

What is the basic difference between an auto technician and auto mechanic? We will be debating about it and will surely inform you about the cons and pros of both.

Who is an Auto Technician?

According to European certified technicians, the auto technician is those workers who use the latest technology and software to solve the problems of your vehicle.

They have all the updated versions of such computerized tools and software which determine the defect any part of the vehicle is having and points out for further investigation.

Auto Mechanic

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Who is an Auto Mechanic?

A person who does the maintenance of the vehicle without the help of machinery. All they use is their hand and little tools to determine the faulty thing. They are often termed as grease monkey because their hand and clothes always have grease all over them.

Basic Difference :-

Although auto technician is a term which is being used for quite some time now, it still has different debates over it, and often it is compared with an auto mechanic.

According to European certified technicians, both are qualified workers who put their efforts in the betterment of vehicles and the major difference is the method they are using. We will be finding the differences between the two step by step.

  • Method of Work – Machinery vs Handwork: 

While auto mechanics are still clinging to the old ways of taking the parts of the vehicle apart and then look for the problem, auto technicians are simply using the more advanced and up to dated computerized systems to find the problem and then solve it.

  • Time Consumption:

Auto mechanics need more time as they first need to learn about the problem which requires time. Then take that part out and fix it. Then place it back.

While auto technicians as per European certified technicians use machinery and their specialized chips and sensors to scan the vehicle for the prevailing problems and when the problem is detected, they fix it manually of course.

Although new labs are being introduced where the auto technicians have such advanced machinery and robotic engineers who fix the problem once that part is out in the open. But the main point is that fixing is being done by hand in both ways.

  • Expenditure:

While we will all agree that auto mechanics charge us extra and we literally cry if our vehicle needs work, but they somewhat deserve as they put more efforts and hard work in the searching the problem and fixing it.

Auto technicians charge much less as their workload is less and effort put in is also less.

  • Authenticity:

Auto mechanics can make a mistake and even if they do, they charge extra for correction, but auto technicians are like least mistake makers since they are more precautionary as they use advanced technology.

This does not mean that mechanics are not intelligent, or they don’t know what they are doing. It is just the way they work, and they have been working since forever.

The new trend is now about auto technicians. They take care of your care and show you’re the proper results.  Also, they keep you updates about your vehicle’s overall health as well.

Final Word:

It is not about which is better, and which is not because both are performing as per the requirement. There is a difference, but it does not define any category, to be honest.

There are people in the world who believes that mechanics can do tool scanning and reading of the reports which is very much like technicians and technicians do know how to change the brake oil and other stuff like this.

It means that both are like the old version and the latest version of the same product. While the latest product has the most amazing qualities, the older one still possesses originality. 

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