Automotive Gadgets

There is quite a selection of impressively cool automotive gadgets available for drivers, which are made to enhance the driving experience.

Here are some cool car gadgets that you probably didn’t even know you wanted!

  1. USB Charger

    We’re all familiar with the struggle of having a phone run out of battery, but this can especially be a problem when you’re on the road, as you never know when you might find yourself in an emergency. If you forget to charge your phone before you leave home, a USB car charger is a lifesaver. One end attaches to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and the other has a USB port, allowing you to re-energise your mobile device with its USB charger cable. ‘Although newer cars come fitted with charger ports, a USB charger is a must have for any used car owner’ added John of Eden Commercials.

    Image Source by : icdn2

  2. Tile Mate

    One of the most impressive and intelligent automotive gadgets to invest in would definitely be the Tile Mate, especially if you make a habit out of losing your car keys! All you have to do is attach a Tile to your car keys, and download the app on your phone. By owning a Tile Mate, you’ll never find yourself without your car keys again. Just sign into the app and check the map for the last known location of your Tile Mate tag, or you can even ask the Tile community to help you find it. The best thing is, your Tile Mate has one entire year of battery life.

    Image Source By pexels

  3. Vantrue R2

    The Vantrue R2 camera is an ideal way of recording the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. But the Vantrue isn’t only useful in terms of recording journeys, if you set it to record before you begin your journey, it can also be used to record drivers who are involved in car accidents, or those who are exceeding the national speed limit. So if you or another driver has an accident, the footage captured by this device could be used as evidence to secure a claim.

    Image Source by wikimedia

  4. Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

    An audio cassette Bluetooth adapter is ideal for older cars that are fitted with a cassette deck. So, rather than having to listen to the same outdated cassette tapes, you can stream your favourite songs from any Bluetooth music player or your mobile phone. The audio cassette Bluetooth adapter doesn’t just enable drivers to stream music wirelessly, but its built-in microphone allows the driver to use their mobile for phone calls hands-free too!

    Image Source by pexels

  5. Aware C Bluetooth Anti-Lost Car Tracker

    We’ve all been there; you leave your car to do some shopping without checking the parking spot you are in and when you get back, you just cannot remember where in the mass of cars yours is. This is where the Aware C Bluetooth anti-lost car tracker comes in handy.

    Image Source by : i.pinimg

    With the tracker, you will never have to worry about not being able to find where your car is parked again. When you can’t seem to find your car, all you need to do is use your phone’s GPS app, press the button on your car tracker, and the app should track the last known location of your car problem solved!


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