Sir Henry Tiger Tim BirkinBritish Automaker Bentley Motors Limited has uncovered a new limited edition named Birkin Mulsanne. This car is exclusively offered for the European market and is produced in a limited number.

The name and concept of this limited edition vehicle is derived from Sir Henry Tiger Tim Birkin, a British racing driver and winner of Le Mans in 1931. He was known for his commitment to Bentley, which inspired the UK marque to pay him a tribute.
Birkin Mulsanne is a blend of 1920’s and 1930’s styling with a class, luxury, and power of modern day Bentley. Although the exterior has much to describe about its original idea, the inner side however designed well to give a feel of old times with advance functionalities.

The interior is custom-built with a number of enhancements, including the unique 21 inch steering wheel, which is merely big in size, just as it used to be in the older times. The logo is entrenched at different places within the car. Furthermore, the interior has a whole different sensation with excellently designed seats. The door panels represent a great blend of leather and metal with similar patterns as that on the seats.

Birkin Mulsanne is obtainable in three different color schemes; two of these are Ghost White and Damson, while the third one is a muddle of Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire. Each of the three color specifications encloses respectively tailored stunning luggage set that matches the interior.

Although it seems more like an old fashioned concept, it is embedded with the latest multimedia and entertainment features. With 8 inch LCD screens in the rear of seat headrests, Wi-Fi hotspot, DVD Player, and iPads assimilated in the rear picnic tables give Birkin Mulsanne with the due technology of modern times.

The manufacturer has specified the build of just 22 vehicles. It is quite obvious that the Birkin Mulsanne limited edition epic would choose their drivers.

Image Source Sir Henry Tiger Tim Birkin


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