gt86-exterior-20Automobile brands nowadays have being on the increase. More and more companies have sprung up bringing a variety of brands in the automobile market today. However there are those brands that have gathered fame and proven to be the best brands in the world offering good services to their owners.


Over the years Mercedes-Benzes have outstood and proven to one of the best automobile brands. The original company that founded the first Mercedes car is Daimler AG. Mercedes brands come in different varieties. Common features include:

  • Antilock braking system,
  • Electronic stability program,
  • Tracking control system,
  • Air conditioner and automatic climate control,
  • Power steering,
  • Rear parking sensors,
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel,
  • Driver heat adjustable seat among other good and worthy features.SLS-Exteria-rear-1600x1200


This was the first car in the world. The main leader or assembler of Toyota cars is Japan. As the case with other brands Toyota comes in several of them. The main Toyota brands that the japan country has majored are the corolla and Hilux.

The new brand has the following features:

  • Electric power steering
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Dynamic radar cruise control. This maintains a preset distance between the car and the other in front.
  • Back up cameraNGAuris-ext-18


BMW is known for one of the luxurious vehicles in the world. According to its motto, “the ultimate driving machine” it has provided the assurance of being the best driving machine for a couple of years since it was established.
The main features of the latest brands are:

  • Dynamic design of the exterior parts. This design gives BMW its unique appearance.
  • Luxurious and cosy interior parts. The latest BMW brand has a large and impressive space inside.
  • Powerful engine. The new brand of BMW has upgraded the engine capabilities of the x4 series.””Advanced diesel technology. The new engine developed offers good balancing between fuel and the car performance. It has also reduced the rate of emission of the waste gas.
  • Dynamic technologies. It offers internal climate control functionalities, warm seats and heated exterior mirrors for the enthusiastic driver and passenger.
  • Full wheel drive system. The driving dynamic controls system enables the driver to customize the different car modes like sport, sport+, comfort and eco pro modes.
  • Electric powering system. This enables the steering to turn the wheels relative to the vehicles speed.BMW_X1_Wallpaper_1920x1200_10.jpg.resource.1344887573394


Lamborghini is an awesome automobile brand. The design of the brand is quite aerodynamic and has a superb engine. Some of the features that make this a classy brand are:

  • Carbon –fiber monocoque technology.
  • Dual zone climate controls – driver and passenger
  • Front reading lights
  • Leather and carbon steering wheel.
  • Rear view camera
  • Low fuel consumption rate
  • Front and rear ventilated disc brakes
  • Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation.1377259324-Lamborghini_Gallardo_LP_570_4_Squadra_Corse_01resized

This is a sensitive feature that’s mostly used in times of accidents.

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