Off-road driving has become increasingly popular in recent years. In part, this is thanks to a surge of options from the manufacturing giants around the world. Especially popular amongst those that favour trips out to the middle of nowhere. Owning an off-road vehicle eliminates any and all of the obstacles you may face along the way.

Don’t allow yourself to be hamstrung by a lack of roads stopping you from reaching your destination. Check out our top off-road cars of 2015 for inspiration.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep brand has become synonymous with off-road driving by empowering freedom with its models. The best part about the Cherokee range? They’re designed with any eventuality in mind. That makes it a suitable choice whether you’re caught in the middle of thick snow. Or a destabilizing drought. Or even unpredictable terrain.

Your only limit behind the wheel of a Jeep is your own skill. Boasting a multi-terrain traction system, you can actually alter the resistance of your tyres with the touch of a button. In low visibility conditions, simply turn on the heated wing mirrors to keep their reflection clear at all times. With all of this complemented by the typical luxury associated with the Jeep brand, you could do a lot worse than the Cherokee.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro



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Toyota 4Runner

Admittedly a more specialist option, Toyota’s offering is a powerhouse all the same. Designed with an eye on uncertain terrain, it’s perhaps not the best option for regular conventional use. For unforgiving trail tracks, however, there may not be a better option on the market right now.

The series has three decades of evolution to its name, and the 2015 version continues to improve on its predecessors. Bigger tyres, heavier suspension, and improved cargo deck. The 4Runner is designed for aggressive off-road driving and comes fitted with eight (yes, eight) airbags for your safety.

Nissan Xterra

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Nissan Xterra

For the customization nerds among you, the Xterra SUV may be for you. With an unprecedented wealth of custom options, you can get this Nissan beast built exactly how you want it.

The beauty of that is you only pay for the accessories you want or need. And believe me, when it comes to adventuring off-road, you need to kit out your car for whatever eventuality you may face.

Ford F-150 Raptor


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Ford F-150

Ford needs no introduction. The manufacturing powerhouse may be the biggest car retailer in the world. It’s only natural, then, that their Pick Up Truck offering clocks in at the end of this list.

The first thing to mention when it comes to the F-150 is its strong bodywork. Its high-strength steel frame makes for a formidable opponent to all off-road terrain. Like the Jeep Cherokee, though, the F-150 isn’t a one-trick pony. It can handle conventional driving just as well and offers flexibility like no other on this list.

Kitted out with all the latest tech gadgets on the inside, its interior rivals even the complexity of its outside. A fantastic option for on and off-road driving alike.


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