Families are truly a blessing, but day-to-day transport can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s interior. Between spilled drinks, muddy paws, and wet or damp clothing, children and pets can take a toll on your vehicle’s upholstery. Customized seat covers are a great way to keep your vehicle seats clean and pristine. The best seat covers for families are tough yet stylish and attractive. With a variety of seat covers for sale in market today we would like to show you the benefits of some the best seat cover fabrics for your family car.

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The specialized fabric of these covers is perfect for families with SUVs as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Its rugged, canvas-like texture is easy to live with, and the covers have a made-to-order, precise fit, as well as other benefits, including:

  • Resistant to UV rays, mildew, scuffs, and fading
  • Available in seven colors
  • Easy to install without tools
  • Super-fast turnaround and delivery

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This tough fabric is constructed from material similar to that used to make wet suits. Wet clothing, spilled drinks and muddy paws have no effect on its good looks. Your original upholstery stays clean and dry, no matter what. Other benefits include:

  • Fabric is water-repellent, UV-resistant and durable
  • Available in eight colors
  • Installs easily without tools
  • Fast turnaround and delivery

Pet Print

Transport pets and humans in style with Pet Print seat covers. The fabric is like tough canvas and made to last and be comfortable for both animals and humans. Other benefits include:

  • Treated fabric resists UV rays, stains and wear
  • Available in two stylishly paw-printed colors
  • Easy installation without tools
  • Super-fast turnaround and delivery times

These fabrics are perfect for families, and there are many others to choose from. Contact usat CalTrend.comto start your custom order for family-friendly seat covers today.

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