There is no doubt that BMW i8 has attracted many potential buyers and BMW has already realized that the list for potential buyers is growing faster than its production process. To meet the rising demands, BMW has announced that they are focusing on improving the production of the new BMW i8 to reduce the wait period for the buyers.


The German automaker said that they would certainly not want their buyers to wait for their dream car, but for that they will have to look into how they can make the production process better.

To do that BMW mentioned that they will have to cut down some of their production process. Ludwig Willisch, CEO for BMW North America said that they are planning to scale back the production of BMW i3 although they still expect to sell around 1000 units per month in the United States market.


The first batch of BMW i8 will arrive only in October 2015 and therefore it will be a challenge for BMW in the next year to keep up with the growing demands for i8. Even if the production process is improved buyers will have to wait for at least 12 months before they get their hands on the new BMW i8.


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