The BMW X1 has been a popular crossover vehicle since 2009. It has sold nearly 800,000 units since it was first released. Today BMW is planning a new edition of the X1 that will feature some unique changes.

The new X1 will be a Front Wheel Drive Model, a feature uncommon in BMW vehicles. It uses a four-cylinder turbo engine option but customers can also choose a three-cylinder option that is identical to what’s in the latest Mini Cooper. The three-cylinder choice is not expected to be made available until later in the year.

The seating position will be slightly higher than what’s used in prior models. It is raised by about 36 mm on the front and 64 mm at the back.

This also uses LED headlights and a lighter chassis. The chassis has been designed to help reduce the total fuel consumption and emission rate by about 17 percent on average.

The price for this model is unknown at this point. However, it is expected to potentially cost less than the nearly $40,000 that the current editions of the X1 are going for. This should make for an interesting vehicle for all those looking for fine and fast vehicles.


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