Buick-Runs-Worth-the-Drive-01To help market the 2014 Buick Verano the folks at GM and Buick have gone ahead and reached out to MayMyFitness to help promote their brand. The challenge is simply called “Runs Worth the Drive Challenge”. The challenge is a way for runners and Buick owners to document their runs, but also to share their routes they have ran with others nearby.

A recent study in 2013 showed that the app MapMyFitness docked over 500 miles ran from their runners, just in the United States, and large majority of them admitted that they elected to drive to a specific location because they enjoyed that route.

Buick Runs Worth the Drive

So what Buick is looking to do is to harness that niche of runners, which there are likely millions who would classify themselves as a runner, and to help connect them with other runners to share routes, but also to get their brand out there.


On the same survey, users also admitted that they prefer to purchase a vehicle that fits their lifestyle, in this case an active lifestyle. This is something that Buick really hopes to apply them to, and it will be incredibly exciting to see how it develops in the coming months to a year.
Are you an avid runner? Do you prefer certain routes?

Source: Anthony Buick-GMC


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