There is just no point in waiting. You are simply letting them fall through your hands. Either someone else is driving your dream car or it is languishing under some garage roof or worse, out in the leaky barn or field. How much longer can you let this conversation in your head continue? All the while you watch someone’s restored classic roll by on the highway, and sigh yet again. Maybe you’ve seen the Lotus or the Jaguar of your dreams roll out at a Motor show and thought to yourself; that looks nice. I’ll bag myself one of those in a couple of years, just when everyone is fantasizing about the new model and prices have dropped a bit. Here are the reasons to buy your heart’s true desire now.

It’s actually quite affordable.

‘Quite’ is the important word but pound for pound and dollar for dollar you can get a lot of cars for your buck. You could even argue that there has never been a better time to invest in a classic or when it comes to it, a future classic. You know some cars appreciate, and some depreciate, but you’re not talking about a Ford Ka. You are thinking about a Porsche, or maybe a Lotus. You are thinking about a car that will turn heads. An investment may be, an investment in you and your vision, and let’s not forget your passion. How long has it been since you saw it? If it’s sitting in a barn car, you must go and rescue it now. How could you be so negligent? The money is just the money. The car is the Mustang, the Bentley, the Morgan, or that BMW. It’s crazy and illogical. But since when did logic entered into buying a dream car?

You can look after it.

This shines with clear-sighted car logic. You will promise to look after it. And what is more, you know you will. You will need somewhere to keep it. Often called the garage, this is full of junk and the car that you don’t like very much. You can keep it in there. Maybe for a while, while you sort out one or two problems with it. You will covert it and nurture it, and when you take it out, you will take it to any of the car wash locations that surround you. Looking after your car is going to be a priority and there would be no point in buying the car of your dreams unless it looks as good as the day it was made, right? Keeping it cleaned vacuumed and polished is going to be a real pleasure and a labour of love.


You will drive it.

Maybe not every day but drive it you will. This will not be about A to B. This will be about a passionate affair. One that involves a real engine and a car that is a star. This will be about cruising and motoring. Putting your foot down when you can to hear the throaty roar of the engine open up. You will drive it and you will look after it and above all, you will love it. And what is more; it will love you back.




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