Car Cameras

Car cameras or dash cams have brought about a revolution in the automobile industry. This is because of the various benefits associated with the excellent technology and working of these small, cost-effective video cameras. That is why more and more motorists are installing them in their vehicles and they have almost become part and parcel of every car now. A number of types of car cameras like wireless car camera, etc. have been introduced to facilitate their users to the maximum. Out of so many benefits of car cameras, the followings are really the more impressive ones.

Car Cameras




Transparent determination of the offender in case of an accident

This is the most effective reason why these cameras are getting so popular day by day. Accidents are always there on the roads and should be avoided with utmost care because they cause both the physical and the financial loss. Besides the loss, the wastage of time in determining the real offender causes much nuisance and botheration. These cameras present a detailed record of what actually happened and confer the safe conscientious drivers the peace of mind. When they see the irrefutable evidence themselves, they get absolutely satisfied.

Faster processing of the insurance claim

After the post-accident emergencies, the crucial matter of the insurance claim comes into play. This matter often converts into an issue because no party is ready to admit the mistake or take the responsibility. The police forensics report only tells a part of the whole story. There rise the chances that either both the parties should be held equally responsible or the innocent party being asked to face the music. This is just due to the lack of precision and accuracy in the evidences provided by the involved. Here the high-quality video evidence with accurate date, time, speed and location of the incident removes all the doubts and confusions whatsoever. This clear-cut evidence enables the insurers to decide the real offender and pay the claim fairly, promptly and smoothly to the satisfaction of both the parties.

Smartphone integration

Peace of mind in the car parks

Car cameras bless the owners with two benefits in the car parking areas. First they facilitate the drivers to park their cars in the limitedly-allowed space without any crash. The bumpers and sides of the cars remain untouched during the complete parking process. Second, they enable them to feel free of worries regarding the security of their cars after parking them safe and sound. These cameras record each and every sudden and severe movement of your car or around it. This enables you to capture the guilty of damaging your car even when you are way far from it.

Car Cameras in Daily Life

Monitoring of the car if being used by others

Sometimes, your driver or any other family member drives your car which causes you extreme tension lest they should come to any problem on the way. These cameras get attached to your smart phone through their latest apps and help you monitor your car and its driver. You can also observe your teens if they are following the family traditions and driving smoothly. If you are a fleet manager, you can monitor the drivers and other aspects of their cars on your smart phone wherever you are.

These high profile benefits clearly show that car cameras are really a blessing for the car owners in a number of ways.

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