The Jaguar showroom (image source)

We usually tend to focus on the customer here at Autos Voice. We’re all about showing the hottest new cars, and reviewing vehicles on the road. But, we’re pretty sure there are plenty of car dealers out there reading this too. So, today’s post is for you. Dealers are always looking for more customers. They’re looking for more sales every single day. Luckily, the auto market is on the rise. We’re buying cars faster than we ever have before. Dealers, it’s your turn to direct them straight through your doors! Here are a few tricks you can use.


Upselling is the best way to make the most of the customers in the showroom. It means giving them more than they initially asked for. When it comes to cars, there are hundreds of options for upselling. There are optional extras on every model, from parking sensors to an upgraded stereo. Why not try to push them towards the higher-spec model? Perhaps they’re interested in paint protection or GPS safety trackers. Get a sense of what your buyer is looking for, and use it to upsell.

Boost your online presence

More than 90% of all new buyers start their search online now. That puts car dealers in a tricky position. Here’s the good news, however. Buyers still prefer to visit the showroom to test drive the car and seal the deal. The trick is hooking them into your website from the start. There is fierce competition out there among dealers, so you need to stand out. Many dealers are now using automotive CRM to improve their online presence. They’re getting more traffic online and then converting it to real sales.

Extended warranties and servicing

You can make sure that money keeps on coming by offering extended warranties and service plans. If you secure this particular upsell on every car, you’ll add 5% to every sale. Most dealers are now in a position to offer a service plan, which could include an annual health check. The warranty will cover up to seven years (or longer) on repairs and maintenance. Although some cars will require a lot of work over the coming years, this trick keeps the money in your favor.


The auto industry is a market sector that still performs incredibly well through local advertising. As customers, we still browse through the local papers to hunt out cars. The classifieds are a great place to find a bargain, and everyone knows it! Take advantage of those buyers by boosting your advertising budget in the local area. As well as newspapers, you can take out local radio adverts or even targeted television ads. Don’t forget to drop leaflets in specific places around town. We always find that petrol stations and supermarkets work very well if they allow you to leave flyers.

Our last piece of advice is simple. You’ve just got to haggle harder! Try to squeeze an extra bit of money from every customer that comes through those doors, and it will all add up. Dealers, let us know any proven techniques you’ve got up your sleeves.


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