The menacing new ride from GTA-V, the Duke O’ Death isn’t meant to be for GTA Online, so the online multiplayer mode did not feature it. This was done to balance out the effects of the game, as the Duke ‘ploughs’ through traffic by tossing cars & buses and crushes citizens walking on the street. Despite the decision to not include it, some game cheats found an exploit and managed to import the car into the game.

Knowing about this, Rockstar North, a British game developer of GTA, decided to deal with it a little differently. Instead of blacklisting the Duke and keeping the car out of the game, they used a server-side hotfix to blow up the player after a gamer illegally imports the car. This has proved to be an easier way to fix the issue and there was no need to ban any gamers.

The Duke O’ Death is GTA’s brand new, bullet-proof car and a modified version of already available dukes. It is an exclusive content for returning players and only available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA-V. Although the protagonist, Trevor Philips is seen standing next to the Duke O’ Death on its game poster, the vehicle is accessible to any game character in GTA-V but just not on the online multiplayer mode.

The game has recently added heists and the Windows version, that includes everything available in the console editions, is set to release on April 14, 2015.

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