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If you are about to invest in a brand new car, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Taking delivery of a new car that is straight from the factory ensures that you the vehicle has never been driven, apart from the very few kilometres it took to get the car to the showroom. Of course, taking delivery of a new car puts you in a position of knowing the complete history of your new set of wheels, and if you are soon to be taking possession of a new car, here are a few pointers to bear in mind to become a new car owners guide.


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    • Full Service History

Whether you plan to sell the car in a couple of years, or drive it forever, it is essential that you have the car serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The first few services are typically included in the price of the car, and once these have been completed, you should continue to have the car serviced by an approved garage. Every time the car is serviced, the details (along with the garage stamp) should be entered into the appropriate section of the owner’s manual, which is usually found at the rear of the book. This maintenance record will ensure that you will receive the top dollar price, should you ever decide to sell, as it is evidence to show that the car has been serviced on a regular basis.


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  • Source an Approved Body Repair Shop

No matter how careful you are, the odd bump or scratch is inevitable, and by sourcing a local body shop that is manufacturer approved, any dents or damage can quickly be repaired. If the worst happens and you are in need of Mercedes smash repairs in Melbourne, a Google search will help you locate the nearest body repair shop that are Mercedes approved repair specialists. This type of company would have state of the art facilities and would be able to repair the damage, restoring the car to its original condition. Technologies such as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can be used to restore body damage, which is much cheaper than having the area resprayed.


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  • Always Use Genuine Parts

Sadly, the fake auto component industry is booming, and while part prices might be much lower, the quality is simply not there. Using spare parts that are not genuine could have serious consequences, as this could cause damage to the vehicle. It is wise to use the dealership where you bought the car for any servicing and repairs, as they would only use genuine parts, and any repair work will be carried out in the correct manner.

  • Protect the Vehicle

There are special applications for the underside of a car that will protect it against rust and corrosion. Some manufacturers do this as standard, but if the car has no underside protective coating, it is worth the investment, as this will ensure that the chassis is protected against rust. The bodywork can also be protected by a special lacquer coating, which will keep the paintwork looking like new, and this treatment will keep the car looking like new.


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If you treat your new car with respect and carry out the required maintenance, the vehicle should last you for many years, and by always using genuine parts, the car will perform as it should. Start as you mean to go on and make sure the vehicle is serviced at the required intervals, while having any collision damage quickly repaired, and the vehicle will perform well for many years.

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