Care for Your ATV and Its Engine

The last thing you would want while exploring the wilderness on wheels is for your ATV to fail all of a sudden. It puts you at a tight spot far from help or assistance. Fortunately, a little time and energy invested in your ATV ( All-Terrain Vehicle ) are enough to save you from this frustrating situation. Follow these helpful tips and care to keep your ATV All-Terrain Vehicle and its 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse in good running condition.

Proper Break-in

Getting your brand-new ATV out of the dealership does not mean you can do anything you want with it right off the bat. In fact, breaking in an engine is a critical point in your ATV’s life, which may affect how it performs years later or how long the motor lasts.



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For proper engine break-in, you need first to check that the engine has the recommended oil type and enough of it. After this, make sure that the oil and other fluids are adequately circulated and distributed before subjecting your brand new ATV ( All-Terrain Vehicle ) to regular use.

Start your ATV and let it warm for four to six minutes. Once it is properly warmed up, go for a ride and apply load on the engine by opening and closing the throttle while running in each gear, alternating between sudden acceleration and deceleration. After three to five minutes, shut off the engine and let it cool off. Repeat the process but increase your running time with each successive ride.

After an hour of driving this way, replace the oil and filter. This helps remove the burrs that might come off from the factory fresh 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse parts. Continue to ride for several hours more throughout the entire RPM range and replace the oil and filter at least once more.


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Proper Warm-up

Breaking in your ATV ( All-Terrain Vehicle ) makes sure oil circulates appropriately in the brand new engine. But even after this, you still have to warm the engine up properly before going for a ride. About four to five seconds in idle is enough before taking off for short trips, longer if you plan to go farther.

Regular Washing

It is unavoidable to get mud and dirt on your ATV, but don’t let it sit on your ATVs coat for too long. Dust and dirt can trap moisture, which could corrode your ATV’s body. Even worse, it can find its way into the engine air filter or get caught at the vents affecting your motor’s performance.

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Replace or Clean Filter Regularly

Your engine needs fresh air for proper combustion to occur. Your filter ensures the air entering your motor is dirt-free. Eventually, it will trap enough dirt that can restrict airflow and suffocate your engine. Replace or clean your filter every ten to 20 hours of riding to make sure your 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse keeps running in good condition at all times.

Replace Engine Oil Regularly

The engine oil continues to catch tiny metal shavings or burr from normal engine wear. It also gets debris or dirt that manages to get the filter and has replaced regularly. A time-based replacement of every ten to 20 hours is acceptable. One good practice is to replace your engine oil and clean or replace your filter at the same time.

Replace engine oil regularly

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You get from your ATV precisely, what you put into it. It will only run as far as you have cared for it. Protect your ATV and its engine devotedly. You would be able to trust it. Get you through terrains you never thought. You could for years to come.

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