Chevy Bolt

There is nothing quite as American as the Chevy. It’s the car that embodies the American Dream. They are a mean feat of engineering. With trucks, SUVs, and supermini cars on their books, you would be mistaken for thinking that they only dealt with mean machines. But, the launch of the Chevy Bolt is a bolt out of the blue (sorry for the bad pun). It’s the first pure electric car. What’s more, it’s set to be released in the US.

General Motors confirmed the exciting launch of the Bolt this week. What’s more, they have stated that innovation is at the heart of the new Chevrolet. The car is expected to perform at 200 miles range. And, it’s supposed to be affordable too.

The concept has been released for general view. Detroit Motor Show fans were enraptured with the new Chevy back in January. But, many people wondered if the US market was ready for such a car. In short, yes they are. In fact, the only reason that Bolt has been conceived is that consumer demand called for it.


At the heart of the new car, market has to be affordable. A Chevy dealer in Bentonville AR spoke to us and stated that you need to have affordability in mind when it comes to new cars. The recession has not helped the new car market. But, Chevy is in touch with what people want. The Bolt is set to be super affordable pushing the $30,000. For a car of its caliber, this is a snip of the price. It’s certainly going to hold a lot of mass market appeal.

The Bolt is going to run on batteries. The batteries in the Bolt are sourced from LG. So, you know that you are getting a quality ride. But, it also means that battery-operated cars will be cheaper to run overall. What’s more, it will cut down on emissions and dependency on fuel.

The Bolt is the first of its kind. Of course, the Tesla Model S sedan is an all-electric car. But, it’s expensive and cumbersome. The Bolt is aiming to appeal to the masses, not the few.

Limited Options

Of course, you have to have around $30K to buy one of these cars. But, with limited choices on the market, it’s an affordable option for many. The Nissan Leaf is around $29K. But, let’s face it, it’s not a Chevy. The Chevy Spark mini-car comes in an electric version. But, it’s not as revolutionary as the Bolt.


Will the US Mainstream Fall in Love with the Bolt?

With a more than affordable price tag, the Bolt could convert many Americans to the new electric car market. But, the Bolt is only being made in limited numbers. They are only producing 25,000 models of these cars per year. The Volt, however, only sold 18,000 in the US last year.

But, this amazing step toward the electric car market means that consumers have more choices. Is now the time to wave goodbye to gas-guzzling SUVs? Probably not. But, the Bolt is here to stay, and it’s something of a revelation.


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