Choosing an Executive Car

How to Choosing an Executive Car? The executive category is a fiercely fought battle in the car industry. These are the luxury options, perfect for business people and families. They are comfortable, powerful, and refined. They’re solid and reliable too. Executive cars are built to take on long motorway drives with poise and elegance. All the cars on this list look beautiful to boot. When it comes to executive motors, you have a lot of choices. But which exactly are the best? We took each of them out on the road and put them to the test.

BMW 3 Series

BMW has a long and rich history in the executive market. In fact, we could have chosen from any number of cars from their range here. It’s the 3 Series we decided was the best for the job though. The best thing about the car is the tranquil environment inside the cabin. Even at motorway speeds, it’s as quiet as a mouse. If you love to travel in comfort, this is your choice.

Lexus IS

Lexus has just one goal in the car market: to produce the most luxurious vehicle possible. The luxury arm of parent company Toyota, Lexus has always strived for comfort and refinement. With the IS they have crafted their best yet. The expert dealers at Keyes Lexus tell us that it has become a bestseller, and for good reason. Its super-efficient hybrid engine will return a staggering 66mpg so you’ll save money at the pumps.

Audi A4

You’ll notice a recurring theme throughout this list. That’s the sheer number of German cars we’re featuring! German car manufacturers have a knack for producing reliable, luxury cars. Perhaps it’s the eye for detail or the engineering brilliance. Whatever it is, you’ll find it all inside the A4. It is Audi’s flagship saloon car and a regular bestseller. It’s also the best-looking car on the list if you ask us. If you’re looking for something with a bit more size, its big brother, the Audi A6, is also great.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes is another brand that comes with decades of first-class reputation. Their impeccable history of fine motoring has all accumulated in the C Class. Mercedes are one of the most forward-thinking manufacturers on the road. With intelligent cruise control and features that detect driver drowsiness, it’s clever too. Many have called it the most technologically advanced car on the market. The only downside is that it’s just not quite as fun as the others.

Volkswagen Passat

We’re finishing our list with another German manufacturer. The Passat is at the bargain end of the executive range. But fear not, that doesn’t diminish its quality. In fact, it has all the fun of the BMW and many of the gadgets of the Mercedes. Our only fault is that there is no petrol version available. Instead, you’ll have to settle for the diesel option which, admittedly, is very economical.

If you’re in the market for an executive model, you’re spoilt for choice. Every car here is stylish, reliable, and luxurious. The question is, which is your favorite?


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