800px-2011_Chrysler_300CChrysler has introduces its new model 300 Glacier as a special edition. Glacier edition is manufactured on 300S base. In this special edition is that it is available with V-6 engine and V-8 engine. V-6 Pentastar engine delivers a maximum power of 300 horsepower where as V-8 Engine delivers 363 horsepower. While purchasing your favorite Glacier car, you can order to install your desired engine. As it is clear by its name, the 300 Glacier is available in Glacier Blue coated exterior paint along with a combination of body color. Additionally, glass black mirrors, headlamp are installed which boost its exterior look. It comes in at a highly reasonable price for a basic model at $30,000.00 approximately and you can build upon it further.

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Safety and Security Features

Keeping the safety as first priority, Chrysler has launched Glacier Edition with additional safety equipments. The advanced technology based multistage airbags are installed at the front, which provide multilevel protection during collision. Very first time in this special edition, supplemental front seat thorax airbags have been installed to provide extra support to the neck and head. Thorax bags have minimized the risk of thoracic and other vertebral injuries.


Comfort Features

Along with safety and security, Chrysler has also focused on comfort of the driver and passengers. A driver knee airbag has also been installed which keep the driver easy during the long drive. Supplemental side-curtain airbags have also been installed to provide maximum comfort during a long journey.

Chrysler 300 Glacier is equipped with latest equipment based Parking Assist system. Advanced front and rear park assist sensors have been installed which detect the presence of any object up to 4 feet in front and up to 6.5 feet at rear. Parking Assist system is based on audio and visual warning signals which alert the driver for timely action.

Glacier Edition is equipped with advanced technology based Blind Spot Monitoring system which is based on radar sensors. These radar sensors help the driver while changing lanes or whenever an unseen vehicle passes by. Blind Spot monitoring system alert the driver through illuminated icons on the side-view mirror about the vehicle in the blind spot. This latest and advanced technology based system is extremely helpful to avoid accidents.


Chrysler 300 Glacier is really special due to its unique safety and security features. The equipment used for comfort is inimitable and latest technology based. Glacier is extremely helpful for long drive because it assist the driver and put him/her in ease. Especially, Blind Spot Monitoring system is extremely helpful to prevent side collisions. Moreover, Parking assist system saves the time while parking the vehicle.


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