Chrysler 300 800When you’re looking for a car, the dream is often something that offers the complete package. You want something that can do the practical chores – driving to and from work, doing the shopping and occasional group outings – but you also want something that’s fun, can deliver performance and makes you happy to be behind the wheel.

Few manufacturers offer this like Chrysler and few cars demonstrate this philosophy like the 300c model. Whether its power, luxury or keeping within a budget, this is a vehicle you should most definitely put on your short list.

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It may not always be practical, but most people want a car that packs a punch. Whether it’s the rev of the engine or the simple acceleration and boost offered by sheer power, there needs to be something under the sleek metalwork.

Fortunately, the 300c packs a V6 engine, which is more than enough to get you to work and have some fun when you want to. The most recent 2012 model even boasts 236 horsepower and a turbo charged diesel engine, again ensuring you have something to play with.


You may call it a sporting car, but a Chrysler is still a Chrysler. There is a level of luxury to be expected and the 300c doesn’t let up here. The interiors are packed with comfort. The modern models even have more technological updates, from touch-screen displays to parking assistance. These cars aim to make your life comfortable and easier through modern technology – rather fitting of many people’s lifestyles today.

Those wanting luxury, sleek design or just that bit extra can invest in the 300c Saloon models. These take the sporting powers and add it to a traditional saloon format, offering something that wouldn’t look out of place in business, but would still handle itself in a competition.


Finally, it’s important to address the big question – pricing. A new 300c can start from £36,000 which is more than reasonable given the luxury, V6 engine and skilled design at work. Yet this isn’t within everyone’s budget, so you may be thankful to hear that many used Chryslers are available, including 300c’s.


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