Chrysler 1When you purchase your next Chrysler vehicle, you very well may be hooked up with the Chrysler Financial Corporation.  Chrysler Financial Corporation works with Chrysler car dealerships to provide financing for new and used vehicles. Chrysler Financial Corporation offers a variety of programs.  Included in their wide variety of programs are Insurance programs, lease programs, retail customer finance plan programs, dealer finance plan programs, and wholesale finance plan programs.  Chrysler Financial Corporation is huge, providing financial products and services to both dealers and customers.

The Chrysler Financial Corporation has its headquarters located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  The address is 27777 Inkster Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan, 48334.  As you travel down Inkster road you see a beautiful drive surrounded by trees.  The headquarters of Chrysler Financial Corporation is an impressive building.  The massive building has new brick and a modern design.  There are handicapped parking spaces right in front of the building.

Inside the Chrysler Financial Corporation building their top financial officers are working to guarantee the continued success of the Chrysler name and Chrysler brand.  They have a call center and a of course, web access. The Chrysler Financial Corporation provides services for dealerships throughout the United States, including our local store in Denver, AutoNation Chrysler. They also provide financing in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Chrysler 300

In December of 2009, the Chrysler Financial Corporation was the recipient of one point five billion dollars from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  The Chrysler Financial Corporation stated it used the funds to finance 85,000 loans to purchasers of Chrysler automobiles.  The Chrysler Financial Corporation repaid the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) loan in July of 2009 by raising funds from an asset-backed securitization the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility.

In December of 2010 Toronto-Dominion Bank acquired Chrysler Financial Corporation for six point three billion dollars.  It is now known as TD Auto Finance.


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