overview_17Chrysler has been known to get the job done with their vehicles. Although minivans are popular to a select group (family oriented individuals) the style and lavishness incorporated in the Chrysler Town and Country Limited has made this vehicle a prize for all. From teens who want to carpool on a road trip to parents traveling in and with a bulk load to women who’d like to have a night out with their large group of friends. You really can’t go wrong with the Chrysler Town and Country Limited that only goes for $40,745 starting price.

The Limited model gets 17 mpg city and 25 mpg on the highway thanks to the fierce 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine that delivers best-in-class 283 horsepower and has 260 pound-feet of torque to your advantage. The numbers aren’t only impressive, but they are all around award winning especially to be produced by a minivan—how exquisite. Furthermore, if facts speak louder than words then The Chrysler Town and Country Limited having over 30 best-in-class claims and being backed by 7 awards really will convince any non-believers.

If you’re not bought by the price, the engine, and the hype that comes with this big beautiful minivan, then you’re only postponing the inevitable. The interior and exterior features and specifications on this vehicle are of miraculous quality—which we got to experience at Madison top Chrysler dealer, Kayser. Stow away seats… yes, they don’t just adjust and recline, they can actually stow away into the floor thanks to the Stow’ and Go’ Seat features that conveniently operate with one touch of a button. The idea is to go from seven seats to two if need be, or if you’d prefer other options for situations like extra cargo space you may only need to drop one or two seats not four—the power is yours.


Ultimate power at that, in reference to the additional technology powered in this vehicle.  Uconnect Media Center Radio that allows: phone calls, Wi-Fi, voice command, impeccable entertainment management and options, as well as navigation features and resourceful news. Enjoying the wealth of this top of its class minivan is easy as relaxing in the luxurious soft-touch material. One touch is a common theme in the Town and Country Limited model, other one touch features are sliding doors and power liftgate, two exterior features that really welcome you with sophistication, considering the advanced technology. Other advancements that make this vehicle a treat are SmartBeam Intelligent Headlamps, and the foldable roof rack. The Chrysler Town and Country Limited Model really makes choosing a vehicle easy.


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