Nissan Nismo ConceptThe Nissan Nismo Concept Watch made its debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and is the first concept that connects the driver and the car. The purpose behind is to enhance the performance of the driver. The Japanese company calls this a major step into wearable technology and signals that there is a lot more to come. The smartwatch keeps an eye on the health information of the car and its driver. Nismo records reveal the average speeds, energy efficiency and fuel consumption for everyday driving. But when the car is on the track, the telematics and performance get displayed by the gear as the laps progress. At the same time, the watch is also focusing on the driver’s well-being with the help of a built-in heart monitoring sensor.

The supporting app and sensor will go on for a week before the need to recharge.  One can pick from three colors – black, white and red. The device comes in special packaging that only enhances the Nismo brand. Nissan set up the Nismo Lab this year to create high-tech solutions for the racing cars and the drivers. These new technologies are sure to enhance the performance and efficiency of the driver. For the future wearable tech, Nissan is already looking into heart and brain monitoring technologies. This makes Nissan the first car manufacturer that has created a smartwatch for the drivers of Nissan NISMO cars, providing them real-time biometric data. Wearable technology is the next big thing in the coming years.


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