Corvette Stingray

The new Corvette Stingray is equipped with numerous advanced technologies for the convenience and comfort of the driver one of which is the eight-inch liquid crystal cluster display that can deliver up to 69 unique sources of information from an interactive performance timer to a tire tread temperature display. Three driving modes are offered to the driver and the brighter and more informative display is capable to deliver key information related to daily commuting and track events.

The Corvette Stingray cluster display has 10 configurable features to help the driver in different situations.

  1. Tour Theme

    The theme activates when the vehicle is in Eco, Weather or Tour drive mode. This is the most modern theme that delivers different information including key vehicle information, multimedia display, and information about daily commuting or long-distance driving.

  2. Sport Theme

    The theme activates when Stingray is in Sport mode. The theme features a single dominating radial tachometer that recalls the classic experience of the classic sports car.

  3. Track Theme

    As the name implies the theme is designed to deliver successful track driving that features C6.R inspired cluster and hockey stick-shaped tachometer, shift lights, and visible gear indicator.

    2014 STINGRAY 5

  4. Adjustable Redline

    An adjustable redline feature is offered to all the themes that display the recommended maximum engine speed.

  5. Tachometer ‘Halo’

    The Sports theme has a ring around the tachometer that changes its color with the increase in rpm from yellow to amber to red.

  6. Shift Lights

    Track theme offers C6.R inspired shift lights that illuminate inward (green to yellow to blue) and flash at redline for easy notification at top speed.

  7. Friction-Bubble/Cornering Force

    The features help the driver in understanding their distance from the Stingray’s limits by measuring lateral and longitudinal G-Forces.

  8. Tire Temperature Gauge

    The feature alerts the driver about the temperature of the tires, including when they are warming up. It also alerts the driver when the tires reach optimal hot temperatures and when they transition from cold to warm to hot conditions. The purpose of this feature is to balance the tires at optimal temperatures for good grip and high-end performance.

  9. Acceleration Timer

    The adjustable timer lets drivers program speed measurements for acceleration (e.g. 0-60mph, 70-120mph) in top gear.

  10. Lap Timer

    The feature helps the drivers in measuring their consistency while lapping by showing current, previous and initial lap times.


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