Datsun GoThe Datsun which is the Nissan third global auto brand announced to unveil an all new model in Jakarta, Indonesia on 17th September 2013. The new car will be one of the first two models that will go on sale in Indonesia in 2014. The new model of Datsun is manufactured locally but there is no need to be suspicious about the reliability and craftsmanship of the new car as it is backed by the global technical experience of the Nissan Motor Company to meet the standards and needs of the new generation customers. Thus, the new car is expected to have all the features that are loved by today’s car enthusiasts.

Logo de Datsun

The Datsun made its return in 2012 and now with the introduction of an all new generation models, the band proves that they are able to manufacture attractive, modern, appealing, technologically advanced, accessible, performance oriented and reliable vehicles. All these things are necessary for a high end car and Datsun is compatible to satisfy its customers. The new model is priced below 100 million Indonesian currency (Rupiah) and so it becomes the dream car of lots of people planning to have a new car. The target market for this new car is “new generation operational customers” said by Datsun. It is said that the new car will be a “Go” based MPV that shares some attributes with the Go for sure however, no much information and details are shared about the car by Datsun.


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