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How to Display Your Number Plate Correctly

Display Your Number Plate

When it comes to buying private displaying number plates it must follow certain regulations. In order to be classed as legal. No number plate. Whether private or not, is allowed to be altered to make it hard to read. If your number plate is displayed incorrectly, you can face a £1000 fine and your vehicle will automatically fail its MOT test.

Guide for Car Safety – Displaying Number Plates

Today, number plates have to be displayed in a certain format as of a rule introduced in 2001. The format is displayed as follows:

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Number Plate Rules

There are certain rules you must follow when it comes to the display of a number plate:

If your motorbike or tricycle was registered after 1st September 2001 then it only has to display a number plate at the rear of the vehicle.

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If the vehicle was registered before 1st September 2001. Then you are also allowed to display a number plate at the front. However, this is not a legal requirement. Whether the plate was designed before or after the 2001 date. A motorcycle or tricycle number plate should be on two lines.

Buying a Private Number Plate

If you want to buy a personalized number plate, then you must do so from a registered number plate supplier. These will either be online or a store and will ask to see documents that prove your name and address. This shows that you’re allowed to use the registration number in order to legalese the transaction. In order to prove this, you can take the following documents to prove your name and address:

In order to prove you can use the registration number you must have one of the following:

Once you have given proof of your name, address, and ability to use the number plate with one of the above options, you can begin the process of choosing a private number plate that is suitable for you.

Flags and Symbols

If you want to personalize your number plate with a flag or symbol then this is possible. However, you do not allow any logos or other motifs displayed on your number plate. The only flags you are allowing in the UK are as follows:

These flags must display on the left-hand side. The number plates and you are restrict only to having one.

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If you want national identifying letters then you are able to add these:

If you want to add the Euro symbol to your number plate then. It must follow certain rules in terms of its size. The way it is displaying:

Now you have all of the information you need when it comes to the rules and regulations of a number plate and what you can personalize when it comes to buying a private number plate.

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