While in the past Driver CPC training was not essential, even if you were employed in the public transportation or haulage industry; in the last few years, legislation has changed in Europe – making it a legal must.

Therefore, the driver CPC certification is an essential element of your driving education, if you want to work as a bus, coach or lorry driver professionally.  You will not be able to progress with a career in any of these industries without it.

If you are wondering though, aside from the fact above, why you should pursue achieving Driver CPC certification, there are a number of different benefits.  To help you understand these, we will highlight the five we think are the most important in the post below.

Makes You A Safer And Better Driver

When you enrol on a driver CPC training course and successfully complete it, you will become a safer and much better driver.  In addition, to help reduce the casualties involved in many of the country’s busiest roads, it also helps protect the most vulnerable users of these roads including pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, children and the elderly.  From a business point of view, Driver CPC training can also help by reducing the money employers need to spend to on repairs and by reducing the possible losses they may incur from accidents happening.  Even if you are just looking to hone your skills as a driver more, Driver CPC training can help you.

Gives You A Wider Variety Of Career Choices

As was highlighted at the outset, Driver CPC certification has now become a legal necessity if you are looking to start a career in the commercial transportation and haulage sector.  Regardless of if you are working as a bus, coach or lorry driver.  It doesn’t matter if you have not looked at this as a possibility before, it is worth considering your options now.  There has been an increase in the need for lorry, coach and bus driver in the last few years and even if you are unsure whether any of them are the right careers for you, you should still consider investing in this training as you will be able to add it to your CV or resume.  This will help show your versatility to employers you are interested in working for and with.

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It Educates You On How To Be A More Alert and Healthier Driver

One of the biggest concerns for most professional drivers, as it should be, is whether they are doing enough to stay alert and healthy while driving vehicles – particularly when it comes to buses, coaches and lorries.  CPC Driver training is designed to tackle a whole manner of things such as lifestyle, eating habits, the effects and symptoms of fatigue and stress – as well as ensuring you are the most alert and healthiest driver you possible can be.

Regardless of whether you intend to start a career as a coach, bus or lorry driver – you can still benefit from a Driver CPC course to improve your overall driving skills.

It Benefits The Local Environment

There have been many studies carried out that drivers with the best qualifications and training can help reduce fuel consumption by at least 9.5%.  This obviously benefits the environment as it helps to lower the carbon footprint and reduce the country’s annual carbon emissions amount.  With the appropriate and professional training for larger vehicles such as lorries, buses and coaches, your understanding of how they function and how to get the very best out of them will improve.

It Makes Financial Sense

As well as environmentally, driver CPC training is financially beneficial to employees and companies.  When less fuel is used for each journey made, less money is therefore spent on fuel – thus helping drivers and employers save money.  Furthermore, Driver CPC training can help you to use load transportation better, an essential thing when you are working as a professional lorry driver in the haulage industry.

We are sure you can agree from the points highlighted above that there are a number of great benefits that you can avail yourself of from enrolling in CPC Driver training.  As well as presenting you with a greater number of career options, it can help to set you apart from other candidates when you are applying for the same job as others without this qualification.  While all of this is good, it is worth remembering though that Driver CPC certification is essential from a legal standpoint and can help you to become a much more alert safer and environmentally friendlier driver, as well as helping you and your employers save money and fuel.

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