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Offering highly satisfied services to the customers is not an option anymore. In fact, in the era of cut-throat competition, if you failed to serve your customers by employing unique ways, you are doomed. It applies to almost all professionals including car drivers. You need to come up with something exceptional to win the hearts of your customers. Apart from fulfilling all the Lyft requirements, you need to fix certain devices and accessories that can help you to serve your clients better.

Here is a list of such devices :

  1. Flex Hand Vac Cleaner

    This is one of the best investments a car driver can make. A dirty and messy car gives a wrong and unprofessional impression and sometimes, you might loose a client too. Thus, keep this cleaner handy and clean up your backseat, driver’s seat, driver’s neighbor seat and windows with it. It just takes 2-minutes to remove dirt, glass and crumbs.

    Flex Hand Vac Cleaner

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  2. Cell Phone Clip Holder

    A cell phone clip holder comes handy when the passenger does not know the route. Keeping your phone in hands while driving is a major turn-off for the passengers and will get you bad ratings. Also, it increases the chances of accidents too. Thus, to dodge the bad ratings opt for a cell phone clip holder.

    Cell Phone Clip Holder

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  3. Windshield Cleaner

    The windshield should be clean to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe journey. If you keep your car’s windshield clean, you will land on some major appreciation and recommendation. Use a good quality windshield cleaner. Even the better part would be buying a windshield cleaner that will repel rain. Search for a Rain-X windshield cleaner online or from a retail shop.

    Windshield Cleaner

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  4. Air Freshener or Essential Oil

    Drunk passengers sometimes leave unhygienic and bad smell in the car and it is not a good thing. All you need is an air freshener or an essential oil freshener that can serve the core purpose. It is your duty to make your next passenger feel good and happy and if they find that the car is smelling badly, they might end up rating you badly. Furthermore, it is not at all costly as you think.

    Air Freshener or Essential Oil

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  5. Car Charger

    Sometimes, passengers need to call someone in a new city and suddenly their phone batteries dry up. In such scenarios, if you have a car charger or an adaptor, you will be instantly make a fan. It would be a great help for professionals who want to discuss about important things on phones. It is a small investment but it could improve the user experience. People can not only charge cellphones but also laptops and mobile tablets while riding with you. It’s a fantastic item that EVERY Uber driver should have.

    Car Charger

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  6. Personal Phone Charger

    You will help your passenger charge their phone but if your own phone is dying, it’s of no use. Your phone has to have a full battery for it will be used for navigation and you can also lend it to your customers in need. Sometimes, giving them your phone can save their day and yours too. After all, it is not cool to have a dead cellphone when you need it most. Have a personal phone charger with you. It will not hurt you.

Conclusion: When a person gives more than just a good ride experience, people are more than satisfied with their products and services. Invest in the above-mentioned items and it will get you good tips as well as good rating. If you want to become a professional driver, you can visit rideshareconsulting(dot)com

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