For most people, buying a car is the second largest purchase they will ever make, their first being their home. So, it only makes sense that you should want to get as long a life out of your vehicle – thus maximizing the value of your dollar. While it’s more difficult to alter your driving habits such as distance, cargo, etc., you can easily, and affordably, protect your interior simply by installing a windshield sun shade and neoprene seat covers. Here are Top car maintenance tips and guide.

Car Maintenance Tips and Guide

Windshield Sun Shade

A windshield sunshade not only keeps your interior cool after a long day in the sun, but it protects your interior from the sun’s damaging UV rays. That’s right – UV rays aren’t only bad for your skin. They can cause fading, pre-mature wear and warping of your interior (Sounds similar to your skin though, right?). But not to worry, thanks to the sun shades available at AutoAnything, the internet retailer for all things automotive, protecting your ride is as easy as a click of a button.

Car Maintenance Tips and Guide

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The Covercraft Car Sun Shade comes in a variety of shades to complement your vehicle. A sun shade deflects sunlight while keeping a vehicle’s interior temperate. Plus, since every car is a little different, the Covercraft sun shade is custom-fit for your car and your car only. This product is a great investment for the longevity of your car’s lifetime.

Neoprene Seat Covers

Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, neoprene seat covers keep your seats safeguarded from the elements and inevitable, accidental messes. They are built from rugged neoprene (just like a wetsuit) with reinforced seams and UV-resistance. The wetsuit material hugs your seat tightly, offering the highest in protection. When drinks spill or dirt is tracked in, the covers can easily be wiped off or removed for a more thorough cleanse. They protect your seats against stains– ensuring a stronger resale value and improving the appearance of your vehicle.


The CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers are made to order – meaning they fit your vehicle perfectly. With a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, you will find something to match yours and your vehicle’s personality. Your original seats will never again have to endure discarded crayons, muddy paws or the sharp edge of a surfboard fin – because your CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers will be embracing it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your vehicle now.


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