Buying a car can be a stressful journey, especially if it is your first time doing so. Knowing where to begin, and having the confidence to tackle it head on is harder than it seems. With salesmen trying to sell you things at every step, it’s vitally important to know exactly what you’re doing, and that’s something often easier said than done.

Buying Your First Car – Top Tips

To make the journey that little bit easier, here are some excellent tips that will help you on your way.

Saving up

It might sound obvious, but saving for your car is perhaps the most important step of the lot. How else are you going to pay for it?
Number crunching – Take the time to consider exactly how much you can afford to spend on a car after you’ve taken tax, mortgage (or rent,) bills, and any other expenses you might have into consideration.

Be realistic with your money – Always, always, always leave that extra bit of cash at the end of the month. While you might tell yourself that you’ve got the willpower to not go on a spending spree, the chances are that you will.

Used or new? – The debate between buying new versus buying a used car is ongoing. but the fact is, you’re likely to save an awful lot of money by going for a used car. The biggest depreciation in value of the car will come in its first year, so even buying a one-year old model will save you a hefty sum (plus you’ll get two years warranty left on the car). If you’re going for a used motor, use reputable dealerships like the Pentagon-Group.

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Financing your Purchase

Not all of us have major savings stored up, and you may well need a loan to finance your purchase. But be aware that car dealers often attempt to entice you with a 0% deal and a repayment holiday. There’s every chance that you’ll be able to find a better loan outside of the showroom. Whether it be a Hire purchase, Conditional purchase, Personal contract purchase or Personal loan – find the one that suits you best.

The Test Drive

Test driving a car you’re interested in is important because even if you love the look, you may hate the drive.
If you’re buying from a private dealer, start the engine from cold. This is important because if the engine is warmed up you might not notice any problems with the engine if there are any. It’s always best to be too careful in these situations.

Finally, before you’ve even stepped foot on the accelerator, make sure everything electrical works properly. As you start driving, keep in mind how smooth the gear transitions are, how the brakes and steering wheel feel. It’s vitally important to actually enjoy the car you’re driving, after all you’ve been saving up for awhile for it I’m sure.

So there are some extremely important things to remember when in the process of buying a new car. Remember, each point has to be taken just as serious as the next, so if you want the car of your dreams take it seriously!


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