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On average, American households own two vehicles. Overall, approximately 90% of the U.S. has at least one car or light truck in their driveway. The state of these vehicles is unknown. For the most part, their cars are in good shape. However, there are households where work must be done to maintain their vehicle’s condition. Not only for their personal driving but for the safety and comfort of their family. Regardless if you keep your car in top shape or need some work done, here are some steps to keep your family car in excellent condition.

Get The Car Regularly Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your family car in excellent condition. This process has two purposes. First, it addresses standard items like oil changes and fluid flushes. Second, service technicians detect potential problems before they get serious. Though there’s a large investment if a problem is determined, you minimize greater issues that cost much more. For example, a loose or cracked timing belt causes multiple difficulties if it fails. Thus, paying a few hundred dollars to replace it is much better than paying thousands of dollars for other component repairs.

Rotate And Align The Tires

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Your tires are multi-functional components of your vehicle. Besides keeping the car firmly on the road, they mute the effect of bumps and other rough surfaces. If not maintained, they quickly wear down. Furthermore, your steering starts to veer to one side. Hence, the reason why tire rotation and alignment are important for your family car. The latter readjusts your wheels to point in the right directions. Thus, the tread doesn’t wear on one side of the tire more than the other. Meanwhile, rotation is used to smooth out the tread. Even when your tires are properly aligned, wear still occurs. Rotation extends their life a little longer.

Have The Proper Tools On Hand

A good portion of care for your vehicle starts at home. There are means to maintain its interior and exterior. What’s needed is the right tools to help out. For instance, a pistol grip grease gun is a must. It allows you to lubricate important parts when you can’t get to a service shop. A set of socket wrenches is another important tool. This helps you to remove tough bolts for simple repairs.

Replace The Air Filters

Like they are in your home, air filters play an important role in the health of your family. On top of this, regularly replaced ones maintain proper vehicle operations. There are at least two air filters in most modern vehicles. The first is under the hood near the engine.

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This gets dirty due to use and outside air. Regularly replacing it helps lengthen the health of the motor and its other components. The other air filter is in the car’s interior, normally underneath the glove compartment. You know this one is dirty when there’s a musty smell from the fan or AC and a film develops on the windshield. Replacing this every few thousand miles keeps the interior fresh.

Replace Lights And Wipers

Your head/tail lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers are extremely important for visibility. Not only for yourself but also for other drivers. Frequent accidents occur when none of these components work or are worn. Out of all the vehicle’s parts, the lights and wipers are the easiest to purchase and replace.  You must find the ones that match the make and model of your car or light truck. Grabbing a generic wiper blade or light bulb off the shelf results in potential failures. Once you find the right ones, these components simply snap into place.


The items mentioned are a small number of ways to keep your family car in excellent condition. You also want to regularly clean the interior and exterior, check the struts and shocks, and utilize synthesized oil as the vehicle gets older. Together, all of these tasks extend the value and lifetime of your vehicle. However, this doesn’t happen if you simply think about doing them. Work slowly to address these matters. Before you know it, your family vehicle will seem new.

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