AbcHis name is Alan Mulally, and he has been the CEO of arguably the most powerful American Automaker, and he has done a lot more than many would have deemed imaginable.

He was the man that “hunkered” down and pulled the major motor company through the toughest recession this country has seen in generations, all while other large automakers like GM and Chrysler Group struggled incredibly.

In just his eight years as CEO, there are many in the industry who will flat out say he has accomplished more than any other in the past decade.

He is as tough as the product he creates, he is truly Built Ford Tough, and some are even making the argument that he is the best CEO of Ford, ever! Now “ever” would include even the greatest inventor and founder of the motor company, Henry Ford himself. Those who make this argument do not degrade the accomplishments of Henry Ford, but in the scheme of financial management, there hasn’t been another CEO in recent history that has shown such remarkable resilience.

The aluminum F-150 in the works is just another notch in his belt as he finally stepped down, and another achievement in which he will be remembered for. That and the large popular lineup of small and midzie fuel efficient models that have paved the way for other automakers.



All of which you can see for yourself at your local dealership like Tindol Ford. Most of us will never meet this man, nor will many of us even know his name, but we will remember is how the Ford brand withstood the challenges of a financial crisis and continues on with its original dignity and strength, all thanks to this man.


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